“Tease Goose Injustice” is on fire! Do you know how Tencent’s Han Han penguin was born?

By ddzyx
CwIAmLuEWpJhsQqGAU72pLj7IjEwOIc71pv2YhBdu6LG13udzJAdlg - "Tease Goose Injustice" is on fire! Do you know how Tencent's Han Han penguin was born?

In the past two days, Tencent and Laoganma are worth ten million yuan , Let the word”fun goose injustice” (because Tencent’s representative image is penguin, referred to as”goose” by netizens) spread the word all over the net, the interpretation is specifically on July 1, 2020 after being deceived 16.42 million was still Tencent laughed at the internet. Of course, Tencent did not forget to laugh at itself:”I am the Hanpen penguin who eats fake chili sauce.”

Speaking of this Tencent penguin trademark, many people do not know that the”pager complex” was very serious Ma Huateng actually adopted the look of a pager as the image of Tencent. Then how did”Penguin” replace”Pager”? In addition, Ma Huateng named the company”Tencent”, what special meaning does it have?

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in 1993, Ma After graduating from the computer department of Shenzhen University, he entered Runxun Communication Development Co., Ltd. and became a software practitioner, focusing on the development of pager software. This experience made Ma Huateng clear that the significance of developing software lies in practicality, not the author’s self-entertainment.”Many software technicians are often very confident in their intelligence, and making software is just a way to compare with each other, and I hope that what I have made is applied by more people, and I am willing to play a small role in bringing technology to the market. Role.”

Ma Huateng’s true contact with the Internet was in 1995, which was the third year that Ma Huateng worked at Run Xun. At that time, after groping for half a year on the”Hui Duo Network” (BBS network connected by telephone lines, and transferring messages between the networks in a peer-to-peer manner), he finally had a general understanding of the network. Subsequently, Ma Huateng decided to establish a branch of Huiduo Network in Shenzhen. In this way, later in 1995, Ma Huateng relied on four telephone lines and eight computers to establish the Huiduo Network Shenzhen Branch, and he became the head of the branch.

Ma Huateng worked hard for his Huiduo network Shenzhen branch. During that time, in addition to finishing the work of Run Xun every day, he spent all his spare time on the construction of Huiduo network branch. This year, although Ma Huateng worked hard, he was very fulfilling. At that time, Huiduo Network gathered the most high-end Internet talents in China. Ma Huateng also contacted the world’s leading Internet information through this circle. It was because of this circle that Ma Huateng was first exposed to ICQ software that changed his life.

Ma Huateng said:”As soon as I touched this software, I knew its mystery, because it completely coincided with the IM tool I envisioned in the beginning. It must be in the vast world of the Chinese Internet Is where it comes into play, so I had the idea to promote its development in China’s IM field.”

IM (that is, Instant Messenger) translates into Chinese as”real-time information”, which means it can be sent in real time and Receiving Internet information is one of the earliest Internet communication methods. The earliest IM software in the world is ICQ (I seek you), which translates to Chinese meaning”I seek you” and was originally developed by three young Israelis. The original idea of ​​these three Israelis was not to develop products, but to facilitate the transfer of information between the three of them, but this small software was quickly favored by everyone, so they registered a company and released it in 1996. The initial version of ICQ. Since then, ICQ has 850,000 users in just half a year. Subsequently, Yahoo, AOL and Microsoft all launched similar products.

In 1998, after fully understanding ICQ, Ma Huateng, after careful consideration, finally put forward a proposal to launch similar products to the top executives of Runxun. But this proposal did not get the attention of executives, who generally believed that this”little thing” could not bring them benefits. What makes Ma Huateng even more desperate is that many people in Run Xun still have hope for the paging industry, which finally gave Ma Huateng the idea of ​​leaving.

Shenzhen, October 1998, 27-year-old Ma Huateng and his friends Zhang Zhidong, Chen Yidan and Xu Chenye decided to set up their own Internet company. The first thing to discuss is what name to give the company. For those of technical background, this is not a small problem. There are countless names, but in the end they don’t even have one. The solution for Huateng is to go home and ask his father Ma Chenshu.

Ma Chenshu has served as a senior executive in the unit for many years. He has a wealth of experience. It is natural to take a name. He not only promised to name Ma Huateng’s company, but also took four at a stretch.”Tencent” Is one of them. However, at that time, the name was not optimistic about Ma Huateng. He believed that the name did not have enough personality and no creativity. But when registering the company name, he found that the other three names had already been registered by others. As a result, on November 11, 1998, a company that eventually changed the way in which countless Chinese people communicated—“Shenzhen Tencent Computer System Co., Ltd.”—was established.

VwAAy73QX5MyslfSVR6lpb2udWowaI04jcqnMRBdsaOShHWdl8VGzQ - "Tease Goose Injustice" is on fire! Do you know how Tencent's Han Han penguin was born?

Ma Chenshu once revealed that although there were more than four names he took for Ma Huateng, but He still hopes that the name chosen by Ma Huateng will have a word”Teng”. In addition to the name”Teng” in Ma Huateng’s name, it can also mean”Wan Ma Pentium”, so that the company can be alive in the future. . In Ma Huateng’s view, it is best to have a word”Xun” in the company’s name, which is first of all his respect for his old owner”Run Xun”, and secondly to follow the mainstream names of Internet communications companies at that time. Perhaps due to the will of God, the company name was finally selected as”Tencent”. The English name of Tencent, Tencent, was taken by Ma Huateng according to the famous communication company Lucent. Because tencent can be split into ten and cent, many people at that time called Tencent a”ten cent company.” Later, Tencent was listed in Hong Kong, and the SMS service provided by Tencent was charged at a dime, which was exactly 10 cents when converted to the next renminbi unit. This matter has been rumored to be interesting.

In February 1999, Ma Huateng and his partners officially launched an IM tool-OICQ. OICQ all use Chinese interface, easy to operate, and store user information on the server, basically realize the Chineseization of IM tools. But at the time, after the launch of this software did not cause much social reaction, Ma Huateng decided to play a discount card.

One day in May 1999, Ma Huateng suddenly hung OICQ online for customers to download and use for free. The main income of the network company at the time was to rely on the sale of software, so his behavior quickly caused social reaction. The first group to start using OICQ on a large scale are college students. This group has relatively low economic ability. The discount card played by Ma Huateng quickly attracted them. Then, as the students at school moved to work, OICQ users began to quickly spread to the urban white-collar workers. In this way, OICQ gradually opened up.

The online novel”First Intimate Contact” published in the same year let thousands of readers know the existence of OICQ. OICQ is described gorgeously in the book, making OICQ a synonym for fashion and popularity in people’s minds. Many netizens are looking forward to having this tool that can sit down and talk over thousands of miles.

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