Telegraph:Manchester United is willing to sell 6 players to raise aid funds, Dalot is listed

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Live it on July 15th”Daily Telegraph” reported that in order to raise aid funds, Manchester United is willing to sell six players including Sanchez and Smalling this summer.

It is reported that if a suitable offer is received, Manchester United are willing to let go of the six players in the battle this summer, including Smolin, Sanchez, Rojo, Phil Jones, Lingard And Dalot.

The priority goal for Solskjaer’s signing this summer is a right-winger, and Sancho is the number one candidate. Manchester United also wants to introduce a new center and a new forward.

Considering the impact of the new coronavirus epidemic, Manchester United’s transfer budget this summer is difficult to exceed last summer, but Solskjaer can raise funds by selling players. Since Suo Shuai took over the team, seven first-team players have left the team, and more than one player may leave this summer.

Manchester United’s next main task will be to send Sanchez away. The Chilean international has been in good shape recently, but his weekly salary is more than 400,000 pounds, and Manchester United bears 175,000 pounds. Rome wants to buy out Smalling. It is difficult for the two clubs to agree on the cost of 21 million euros. The English defender may stay in Rome for another year on loan and add a mandatory buyout clause to the contract.

Lingard previously hired Laiola as an agent. He is likely to seek a transfer this summer, and many Premier League clubs have expressed interest in him. While Rojo is currently on loan to work for La Plata college students, he also hopes to leave Manchester United.

Dalot may be one of these surprising names. Although he was worth £19 million when he joined Manchester United in 2018, his performance failed to fully convince Solskjaer. As for Phil Jones, due to frequent injuries, Manchester United is ready to release the England defender.

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