Ten thousand people urgently transferred! Thousands of paratroopers provided emergency assistance and built a 200-meter”Great Wall” day and night

By yqqlm yqqlm

2020 looks like an unusual year. The world is facing the challenge of the epidemic. As of 6:30 on the 14th, Beijing time, there have been more than 13.21 million cases of new coronary pneumonia diagnosed and more than 570,000 deaths. The epidemic situation has rebounded in some countries, while the United States is still the most severely affected area. In addition to the epidemic situation, countries such as Africa and South Asia have also encountered severe locust plagues, which have posed a great threat to local food production. Recently, many countries have ushered in flood disasters due to long-term heavy rains. For example, the heavy rains have caused disasters in 20 counties such as Kyushu Island, Japan. At least 12,000 houses were affected and the number of deaths exceeded 70. The flood in Assam, India The flooding caused 600,000 people to suffer disasters and 42 deaths, and news about floods in our country also kept coming.

According to Xinhua News Agency’s report on July 12, Due to the impact of continuous heavy rainfall, different levels of flood disasters have occurred in the main tributaries of Dongting Lake and Poyang Lake in the middle reaches of the Yangtze River. For example, many places in Hubei are in emergency and are suffering from floods. Huangmei County, Huanggang City, Hubei Province is due to leave Poyang The lake is only 38 kilometers away from the estuary, and will be directly affected by the flood. To ensure the safety of local residents’ lives and property, Tuanzhouxu, Xinkai Town, Huangmei County staged an emergency “million people transfer”.

At the same time as residents moved, about 1,000 paratroopers were also emergency To assist Huangmei County, bring assault boats, life jackets, civil tools and flood relief materials, and use motorized transportation to move 240 kilometers across the region. After arriving in the local area, I was mainly responsible for the work of embankment damming, interception and breaching, etc. Ways to rule out danger. On the 10th, a major danger occurred in the Caiyan village section of the Kaotian River, and a 200-meter-long rupture appeared on the river embankment. Once the flood spreads, the consequences are unimaginable. Thousands of airborne soldiers directly took water operations and artificially built dams with mud and sandbags. After struggling for a whole day and night, the 200-meter”Great Wall” was finally built, successfully blocking the flood like a beast.

For dangerous situations such as floods, airborne soldiers directly expressed their determination:”The flood does not retreat, we do not retreat.” However, not only in Huangmei County, Chinese officers and soldiers are fighting on the front line of flood relief, showing the responsibility and responsibility of the people’s soldiers. For example, a combined brigade of the 72nd Army of the Army rushed to Poyang, Jiangxi The county devotes all of its efforts to the local flood danger only to protect the lives and property of the people. The flood is like a fierce beast, and Chinese officers and soldiers are bravely fighting against it and protecting the people behind them. This is the real Chinese blockbuster!