Tesla’s global fast charging station reaches 2000, can it solve the problem of difficulty in charging electric vehicles

By yqqlm yqqlm

Driving China July 14 News How electric vehicles solve mileage anxiety, this is probably a problem that the automotive industry urgently needs to solve. At present, there has been no revolutionary improvement in battery technology, and the improvement of battery life created by car companies is nothing more than an increase. Battery, another way to solve the cruising range is to increase the charging station. According to foreign media reports, Tesla’s global charging pile network recently reached another milestone, with its global fast charging stations reaching 2,000 and charging pile equipment reaching 18,000. So can Tesla users avoid mileage anxiety?

At present, Tesla has operated its charging pile network in 41 countries around the world, among which there are many in the United States, so American users located in Tesla’s base camp are indeed relatively convenient in charging. However, in other countries such as China, the distribution of charging stations is still very uneven, more and more extensive in coastal cities, and very few in inland cities.

In addition to the layout of the charging station, increasing the charging speed can also solve the mileage anxiety. For example, Tesla has launched the V3 super charging pile. Tesla’s V3 super charging pile can support a peak charging power of up to 250kW. . If the Model 3 uses a V3 super charging pile, it can travel about 120km in 5 minutes.

So can domestic consumers enjoy the advantages brought by fast charging? It is not much seen now. Tesla’s V3 super charging pile only entered the Chinese market at the end of last year. The country experienced another epidemic in 2014, so the establishment of fast charging stations has hardly advanced on a large scale. Tesla said that if the power supply permits, it will first consider upgrading the existing V2 overfill piles, and will also relocate to build a new V3 overfill pile. However, before the number and distribution of charging stations become large, domestic consumers have to endure the anxiety of cruising range. As for those who want to buy electric vehicles, if there is no condition to build their own charging pile, do not buy electric vehicles.