Thailand Epidemic Control Center adjusts foreigners’ travel policy to Thailand

By yqqlm yqqlm

Thailand reported that on July 14th, the Thai Epidemic Control Center spokesperson Tawi Sin explained the diagnosis of Egyptian soldiers and family members of the diplomatic corps at the outbreak of the day, and apologized to the Bangkok and Rayong people.

Tawisin said that he personally regretted the negligence of government staff in epidemic prevention work, and he was also considering what could be improved, hoping that the public can forgive the government for this mistake, In the future, the epidemic control center will be more careful and strictly implement every measure. He expressed the hope that this opportunity would be used to readjust the regulations for the prevention of epidemic diseases by all foreigners in Thailand, and once again express their apologies to the Bangkok and Rayong people affected by this. At the same time, at the meeting of the Epidemic Control Center today, some adjustments were made to the measures for foreigners to go to Thailand for anti-epidemic measures regarding the diagnosis of Egyptian soldiers and family members of the envoys, namely:

1. Foreign envoys must come to Thailand Isolate at a fixed point required by the government and cancel the self-isolation system;

2. Cancel 8 trips between July 17-20 and July 25-29Egypt Air Force flights;

3. Delay in the approval of Thailand’s entry into Thailand for privileged individuals, diplomatic missions, short-term businessmen and other groups to carry out relevant anti-epidemic measures Discuss and make adjustments.

(Source:Thai Media)