The 35th batch of navy escort formation officers and men’s voyage dream

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On July 7, Tang Jiawei, the 35th batch of navy escort formation special operations personnel, was on duty on the deck.

July 11th is the 16th”Chinese Sailing Day”. The 35th batch of naval escort formation officers and soldiers are performing the 1318th batch of escort missions in the Gulf of Aden and Somalia.

“In the Gulf of Aden, there are not only beautiful morning and evening glow, but also bumpy crests and valleys, and a glorious mission to escort merchant ships.” Special Forces member Tang Jiawei clenched the steel gun and stood on the deck On duty alert. He said that for a long time without rest and recuperation at the shore, he experienced the hardship of voyage and gradually understood the meaning of voyage.

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Tang Jiawei, who was born in Chengdu, Sichuan, has a heart to the sea and dreams of sailing with ships and guarding the sea. He joined the army in 2015 and came to a certain coastal defense unit of the army. Patrolling on the coastal defense line, although he can see the sea, he has no chance of voyage.

Three years ago, Tang Jiawei’s unit was transferred to the Navy, and he became a marine.”I was so excited that I didn’t sleep all night, looking forward to realizing the dream of sailing with the ship as soon as possible.” Tang Jiawei said proudly. After hard training and layer-by-layer selection, he became the first special team member to carry out escort missions with the ship after the unit was transferred.

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On July 10th, Wang Peijing (first from right), the 35th batch of naval escort formation naval operations directors, instructed the maritime cadres of the Taiyuan warship to carry out chart operations.

Wang Peijing, chief of the formation and navigation business, has been in the army for 29 years, participated in escort missions 4 times, and visited the ship many times. For him, voyage is a mission.

“I was impressed by the sea for the first time when I was sailing through the Gulf of Aden 21 years ago. This is the golden waterway connecting the Eurasia in the Indian Ocean, which is now my 8th Every time I come here, each time I feel different, the most profound thing is the word”responsibility.” Wang Peijing said.

History is speechless, but it is vivid.”We must have a sense of worry and consciousness of sea power.” Wang Peijing said,”As naval officers and soldiers, we shoulder the mission of a strong army pursuing a dream of deep blue and strong seas, and we must look at the ocean farther and wider.”

Towards the deep blue, Fang Jue world is so big. Wang Peijing has served in naval forces for a long time, participated in major missions such as escort visits and joint drills, and has accumulated more than 400,000 nautical miles.”Looking back at the blues of the past, I am very fortunate that I have become a participant and witness of the development and growth of the People’s Navy.” Wang Peijing said excitedly.

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On July 10, Zhong Xiaopeng, deputy communications chief of the Taiyuan ship, the 35th batch of naval escort formations, was on duty in the cab.

Zhong Xiaopeng is the deputy communications officer of Taiyuan Ship, a young female officer. She graduated from the same military school as her husband and both work in the navy, but often they can only love each other on the voyage and look across the sea.”Although we have missed a lot of gatherings, we have not missed love!” she said. In the past, voyage was a kind of romance, but now it is more a kind of perseverance and dedication.

“I am sailing, riding the wind and waves, crossing the endless ocean…””Journey” is one of the songs that escort officers and soldiers often sing. (Photo report:Jiangshan)