The 52nd anniversary of the death of the first head coach of Guoping with injustice, to this day we still commemorate him

By ddzyx

For Chinese table tennis, April 16, 1968 was a gray day in history. On this day, Comrade Fu Qifang, one of the three players in table tennis, was persecuted and insulted during the Cultural Revolution, and he committed suicide.

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Fu Qifang exchanged team flags with the Japanese team leader

He boss Hui Hui saw the talents, after Fu Qifang joined, the Chinese table tennis team’s Greatly increased in strength. Fu Qifang is not only good at shooting fast shots, but also has a unique understanding of cutting the ball. His varied serve and attack, the haunting”swing short” and the forehand side”skateboard” are his”three musts”. The most important thing is that in the returned overseas Chinese (Jiang Yongning, Feng Guohao and others all have good skills), Fu Qifang had the experience of learning from the masters of various countries, and participated in the World Table Tennis Championships. Abundant, not only can play by oneself, but also bring the world’s leading technology and training methods to the team.

All this is really precious for the Chinese team who has just entered the international table tennis world.

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In March 1957, Fu Qifang represented China in the Stockholm World Table Tennis Championships. The Chinese team played in the men’s team. Dare to fight and dare to play, played well, and achieved the third place that I dare not think of at the time, but lost to the Japanese team 1:5 in the semifinals. In the men’s singles, Fu Qifang is also one of the best-performing Chinese athletes, entering the third round of the men’s singles. After this game, Fu Qifang’s understanding of table tennis further deepened, and Vice Premier He Long decided at the time to make Fu Qifang the head coach of the Chinese table tennis team.

After Fu Qifang took office, the Chinese table tennis team has undergone qualitative changes. At the Dortmund World Table Tennis Championships in 1959, Rong Guotuan won the men’s singles championship, and then the three World Table Tennis Championships in 1961, 1963 and 1965 On the first, Fu Qifang led the team to achieve the great cause of men’s team, men’s singles three consecutive championships!

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fourth from left Fu Chi Fong

It can be said Fu Chi Fong, rongguotuan The achievements created by the generations of Tuan and Zhuang Zedong are not only the glory of the table tennis world, but also a symbol that truly represents Chinese sports going to the world. It’s a pity that just as the Chinese table tennis team threatened with”three consecutive championships”, it was confident to prepare for the 29th World Table Tennis Championships held in Stockholm, Sweden two years later; when head coach Fu Qifang was ready to make persistent efforts and make great achievements, The unprecedented”Cultural Revolution” broke out. The National Sports Commission was paralyzed and the training of the ping pong team was interrupted. The rebels created the”reaction of the World Table Tennis Championships”, and the Chinese team was forced to stay in the country and could not compete. Fu Qifang was accused of”unnecessary” and was persecuted. Unfortunately, he died on April 16, 1968.

The 10-year catastrophe has finally ended, and the haze of the sky has finally dispersed. In the spring of 1978, the State Sports Commission held a grand vindication meeting for Fu Qifang and others. Their affection for the mother of the motherland, and their outstanding contribution to the cause of table tennis, finally won a fair evaluation.

First left is Fu Qifang’s daughter Fu Meilian, second left is Rong Guotuan’s wife Huang Xiuzhen, and third left is Jiang Yongning’s daughter Jiang Xiaoying

In 1985, Wang Xitian, a famous national table tennis player, proposed to hold the &34;Sanying Cup&34; competition, in order to commemorate the great contributions made by Rong Guotuan, Jiang Yongning, and Fu Qifang to the Chinese table tennis cause. Approved, the National Sports Commission posthumously awarded the title of”Three Heroes” by Rong Guotuan, Jiang Yongning and Fu Qifang, and approved the establishment of the”Three Heroes Cup” table tennis tournament, which aims to promote table tennis with friends and improve the technical level.

Today our Chinese table tennis team has won one world championship after another, and achieved a glory never seen in history. But behind this achievement, it is these ancestors who have used their youth and even their lives to make an indelible contribution to the sports cause of New China!

Today is the 52nd anniversary of the death of Fu Qifang, the first head coach of Guoping. Write this article as a thought!