The aesthetic difference between China, Thailand and South Korea is greater than the gap between rich and poor

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I don’t know if you found it, but aesthetics is also a metaphysics.

The generalization of a sentence is”turnip greens, each has its own love”,”each flower into each eye” has also become the favorite mantra of the rice circle.

Today we will dive into the aesthetic circle of China, South Korea, Japan and Thailand to see What are the differences between star beauty in the big environment.


When it comes to China’s famous stars as”beauty”, you have to mention Fan Bingbing. Although Fan Bingbing has been silent for a long time in front of the public because of some things, when it comes to beauty, she still cannot escape her shadow.

Fan Bingbing’s beauty is that kind of very “Peugeot” beauty Many people’s impression of her is mostly the word”beautiful”.

The style of this fashion show also took her noble lady The show of beauty is incisive and vivid, and it is simply beyond beauty.

Fan Bingbing’s beauty has once become the majority of beauty seekers The plastic template, there was a girl who spent 8 years before, and it became Fan Bingbing. The similarity is as high as 90%, which is really unclear.

So when the Internet celebrity is out late, it’s Yanbian Fan Bingbing At the time, it was mocked by the entire network,”You can compare anything, but you should not compare with Fan Bingbing’s beauty.”

This is really amazing ▽

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In recent years, like Fan Bingbing, it can be called a beautiful woman It belongs to Diligeba.

The beauty of Reba is really like a diamond The bright and shining beauty is undisguised.

Over the same age of flowers in the entertainment circle, most of them are shrivelled The thin, flat figure, while Reba’s bee-waist and hips are simply living things.

At various awards ceremony or other events, hot Badu can be regarded as a beauty output machine, and there are only a lot of circles.

In addition to Reba, many stars have also started in recent years Take a stunning path on many big scenes.

Chen Turin, who has always been known for her pure beauty, relies on a retro Hong Kong style evening red dress, which is also eye-catching.

Since then, many stars have also begun to try the Hong Kong style The most impressive style is the 4,000-year-old beauty Ju Jingyi.

Look at the night of Iqiyi Screaming Night And it was really amazing.

Now Ju Jingyi has been working hard to set up in concave beauty, Looking at her photos, they are all beautifully exquisite and beautiful like an oil painting.

But beauty is beauty, but it feels Like a model beauty, some auras are missing, so some netizens commented that she was a”wood beauty”, which did not touch people’s vitality.

In fact, in China, the public’s pursuit of beauty is still diverse, It’s not just that having a good skin is just beauty, which can be glimpsed from the recent draft shows.

Take the”Green You 2″ which was popular in the whole network some time ago 》In terms of, it is not sweet and lovely people who can participate in the competition to debut.

We can see all kinds of trainees, various Character and funny soul.

And these unique souls seem to be more attractive than the stunning appearance people.

Through the analysis of stars, we can also gradually understand To the aesthetic preferences of the entire group. Our requirements for visual goodness are generally much looser than those of Japan and South Korea.

Chinese stars, as long as they remain beautiful on the big scene .

Every time a Chinese star goes to another country, he always gives us a long face , Is simply the beauty of winning for the country~

Daily performance grounding will not affect the popularity, sometimes because of the image circle of real, close to the people, grounding A wave of popularity, which shows everyone’s spiritual aesthetic tendency.

It’s not difficult to explain Ju Jingyi’s hard work Beauty is set, but it is not very popular.

But this spiritual aesthetic also has some drawbacks, the first is Demand for their own aesthetics becomes lower.

Looking at the social platforms of many popular celebrities, it is not difficult to find that the daily photos of many celebrities are all kinds of big-faced face photos, which are generally not very particular and slightly rough.

Even the young girls who have recently debuted, prefer to be Face domination.

Sometimes even fans can’t stand it anymore, but Will yell that Aidou will not market her beauty.

In addition, that is that commercial aesthetics are less efficient. It is important to know that material aesthetics are faster and more direct than spiritual aesthetics.

When people are too late to produce a spiritual aesthetic, they are more inclined to”pay” for the material aesthetic, which is why Japan and South Korea have an advantage over China in the output of international beauty.

South Korea

Compared to China’s spiritual aesthetics, South Korea is partial to material aesthetics, and their pursuit of beauty is also crazy.

Without explaining the stars, let’s take ordinary people, Almost all have reached the point where the people love beauty. Whether it is men, women and children, all kinds of beauty and maintenance have become an indispensable part of life.

However, the pursuit of unified standards also makes the aesthetics more and more The simplification, as in the past few years, there have been a lot of vomiting voices, saying that the photos of the Miss Korea candidate are like looking at it, and they look the same.

The stars are also keen to do something, even if they don’t want to go , The company will also arrange to go through these”beautiful processes.”

Know that South Korea’s star-making ability is at a level of Even if you are”factory setting”, it can still make you a super star, and the aesthetic is more inclined to please the eyes.

For aesthetic positioning, because of historical and cultural reasons, there is no The heavy precipitation, mainly studied China in the early days, but later favored Europe and America.

The advantage is that they are”easy to learn” and have always been Learn from the strong and imitate the aesthetic culture of other countries, as long as they are beautiful, exquisite, and have commercial value, they will be applied to the body.

So in the continuous absorption of the cultural essence of other countries, it is inevitable that Lose some traditional taste.

But its exquisite appearance, visible to the naked eye, was successful Let’s see, is it true that both the East and the West eat Korean idol.

Their success lies in strong contrast.

Take a lot of returning male love beans or female love Bean said that without the Korean filter, Yan Yan was not astonishing when he was in Korea.

Therefore, South Korea really does not lose to other countries when it comes to creating beauty. What’s more hateful is that they are still very serious and hard working.

Let’s take a look at the stars on the social platform, and we are not at all relaxed about the pursuit of beauty, compared with the filter head shot of Chinese stars That said, their photos often pay more attention to atmosphere and mood.

It feels like a random shot, but your fine product, those Composition, color tone, texture, and angle are all arduous.


Finally, let’s talk about Zawadika.

In recent years, Thai actresses can be regarded as a sudden rise and contributed Many visual feasts.

First and foremost is Lisa Miss sister.

Exquisite Barbie face, perfect proportion figure, plus Singing and dancing skills are simply unbelievable.

But just such a sweet and spicy young lady Once discriminated by South Korean netizens, she confessed to her”Southeast Asian face”, where you can fully discover the aesthetic differences between people.

The appearance of Thai people is indeed somewhat different from that of China and South Korea. Han is often considered to be an East Asian Mongolian race, and it is indeed somewhat similar in appearance, while Thailand is mostly a southern Mongolian race, characterized by darker skin and thick eyebrows with deep eye sockets.

Although there are some geographical features, it does not represent”Southeast Asia”Face” is about one level lower. After all, today is a contest between celebrities, and there are many beautiful women who cry in ghosts and gods in Thailand.

First let’s talk about Mai, she is a mixed Belgian Thai, Possessing a Western bone phase + an Oriental skin phase is simply a beautifully carved beauty from heaven.

Her face value is simply top flow in the Thai entertainment industry Level of existence. ps:There are really many mixed-race beauties in Thailand!

Whether it is facial features or facial three-dimensionality, it is super capable. The facial features are thick and large, and the face is less white, and its beauty is very beautiful. Strong visual impact.

The makeup is also based on European and American makeup, focusing on facial features , Strengthen a little outline, create a mature beauty.

In addition to the glamorous type, of course, the pure first love type is also indispensable.

Pai Caina Baifern of Thailand “Little Fresh”, then Just rely on the movie”first love this little thing” Among Thailand’s”national first love”.

Her face looks more oriental (with a quarter One of Chinese origin), the face is a small and smooth goose egg face, plus small and large apricot eyes, petal lips, typical cat face.

With age, mature wear and exquisite Her makeup also makes her pure and glamorous, and full of charm.

Therefore, the beauty of the two of them is different, and from it Peep into the various expressions of Thai beauties.

Not to mention that Thailand itself is a country that embraces Theravada Buddhism, is inclusive, and understands love and respect, so you can also see a diverse aesthetic in Thailand coexist.

Finally, there is no formula for this thing of beauty

There is no standard for aesthetics

So I hope everyone can give different cultures

Respect each other for beauty, appreciate beauty, discover beauty

Apart from appearance Only by prejudice can we harvest something more beautiful