The American man robbed the car and fled, the speeding car rushed down the cliff and fell into the Pacific Ocean

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According to ABC News’ report on July 2, recently, the United States A car robber in California staged a”fleeing battle” under the police chase. After getting rid of the police chase, he unfortunately ran into a car, then fell off a cliff, and”flyed” into the Pacific Ocean with the robbed car. Surprisingly, after such an operation, he It’s still alive!

According to the Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office, said the incident It happened around 3:30 pm on June 30. At the time, reported that a man shot into the air at Davenport, California.

Shortly after the incident, the suspect robbed a nearby car and tried to escape. When the police officer tried to stop the car, the man quickly drove away from the scene.

A Sheriff County Sheriff issued a statement on social media saying:”The suspect is moving towards Santa Cruz at a speed of 100 miles per hour (about 160 kilometers per hour) Driving, during this time he refused to stop, the police forced to stop the pursuit.”

subsequently, may be due to Driving too fast, the man was unfortunately involved in a car accident. After colliding with the same car, he rushed out of the street and flew out of a nearby cliff and fell into the Pacific Ocean.

The authorities quickly found the car after hearing the news, but surprisingly, a magical scene appeared:the suspect actually climbed out of the car intact, swimming On the shore, I climbed all the way along the coastline!

The police officers immediately detained the man and returned him to the police station. Everyone was wondering, After such a serious traffic accident, this man was miraculously uninjured. How could this be possible?

After the case was closed, the Santa Cruz Police Department expressed gratitude to the relevant personnel in a statement. It wrote:”Thank you to all the institutions and organizations involved in the case, thank you for helping us maintain community safety, especially to SCFD and the county’s swimming rescue team for their immediate response.”

At present, the The case is still under investigation, and the suspect is waiting for the relevant department to make a ruling.

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