The American”6-year-old tough guy” was bitten by a needle to protect her sister from bloody and evil dogs, frankly:only I can die

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Bear children are often used to describe those naughty and naughty children, many In the eyes of parents, they will only make trouble and destroy, and will not do things that make people worry about it! But today this is really impressive, and even many well-known movie stars gave him a thumbs up! According to the”Daily Mail” report on July 15, Bridge Walker, a 6-year-old boy from Wyoming, USA, had torn his head and face in order to rescue his little sister. More than 90 stitches were stitched, but the little boy was not afraid and claimed that if one of me and my sister must die, then only me could die! Sister is going to live! Have you been moved by this”6-year-old tough guy” to cry!

It is reported that at the time of the incident, Bridge Walker and The sister was playing, a dog launched an attack on the sister, and the brave Bridge Walker struggled to keep the dog and the sister in order not to hurt the sister, and launched a fight against the evil dog. After the whole fight, Bridge Walker was bitten in many places, and his face and head were seriously injured. The cute little face was torn in many places, and the blood ran down his mouth, still not flinching! Until his aunt Found these two poor little guys.

Bridge Walker was later taken to the hospital and accepted After the diagnosis and treatment, more than 90 stitches were sewed on the head of the face, but he still did not regret his behavior. His aunt Nicole Walker tweeted the little hero’s photos and deeds, hoping his little hero would receive some encouragement. Unexpectedly, Hollywood movie stars Anne Hathaway and Mark Ruffalo were emotionally moved by this incident and said,”They saw a Real superhero.” Mark Ruffalo responded:“Fighting for the happiness of others is the most heroic and thoughtful person I know. I truly respect and admire your courage and heart. Real courage is not The ruler is neither fighting with people nor protecting people around him who are worth protecting like tough guys.” ”

A shocking photo shows Bridge’s His face was swollen and bloody sutures ran through the corners of his mouth. Ms. Walker said that the little boy is recovering at home and is currently uplifted and laughing happily. Has there ever been such a life for you in your life? What about the brother of the tough guy? Let’s share it together!

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