The American”Good Man Richard” amphibious assault ship burned for more than 48 hours, and the number of injured rose to 61

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China News Service San Francisco July 14 (local time, 14th, docked in California San Diego Naval Base’s American”Good Man Richard” amphibious assault ship is still burning after 48 hours of fire, and the number of injured has risen to 61. The US Navy stated that”significant progress” has been made in the rescue work.

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The”Good Man Richard” was parked at the Naval Base in San Diego, California. It was currently undergoing maintenance operations in the port and suddenly caught fire on the morning of the 12th.

“USA Today” reported that on the 14th, two positions at the front and rear of the ship were burning, and the hull continued to emit thick smoke. The helicopter has dumped 1,200 barrels of water into the hull, and the ship has assisted fire fighting on the water. U.S. Admiral Philip Sobek said that the hull had tilted a little because of the pouring of a lot of water. According to reports, high temperatures of up to 538 degrees Celsius damaged the superstructure of the”Good Man Richard”. The ship’s mast had collapsed and threatened the central control room.

Sobek said that at present, the ship is in stable condition and safe in structure, which indicates that it may be”saved” back. In addition, the ship’s million-gallon fuel tank is no longer threatened by heat or flames.

Cable News reported that Sobek said at a press conference on the 14th:”Burning is continuing and we are extinguishing fires from multiple locations inside and outside.” He said that the ship was working The base is under maintenance, and some maintenance materials have affected the smooth progress of fire protection. Sobek also said at the press conference that the fire may be extinguished within 24 hours.

At present, sea and air traffic within 1 nautical mile of the ship has been restricted. The US Coast Guard also hired a team to clean up the oil and prepare the plugging equipment. The Coast Guard said that as of 11 am on the 14th, no signs of oil or hazardous waste leaking in the water were found. Sobek said there were no ammunition and toxic substances on board.

Sobek said that extreme heat and smoke have injured 61 people, 38 of them from the Navy. They suffered minor injuries and no one was hospitalized. The National Broadcasting Corporation reported that these people received heatstroke collapse and smoke inhalation and other treatments.

The San Diego Air Pollution Control Department warns that the concentration of fine particulate matter in certain areas of the local area may reach unhealthy levels, and residents should stay indoors as much as possible to reduce exposure. (End)