The amphibious assault ship fire caused 61 injuries and the fire is expected to be extinguished within 24 hours

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ChinaNews.com, July 15th, comprehensive foreign media reports, docked in California San Diego Naval Base to maintain the United States”good guys” The amphibious assault ship Richard broke out on the 12th. As of 14th local time, the fire has caused 61 injuries. Navy officials said that firefighters have made”significant progress” in fighting fires and are expected to put out the fire within 24 hours.

On July 12, local time, the US Navy’s”Good Man Richard” amphibious assault ship exploded and caught fire at the San Diego Naval Base.

According to reports, US Navy official Philip Sobek said that he is currently trying to solve the two remaining fire points inside the hull, saying that”the ship is very stable and the structure is safe… We are still actively from There are multiple points inside and outside to extinguish the fire.”

Sobek also said that the fuel tank was not threatened, and the ship carried about 1 million gallons of fuel. Sobek said the fire may be extinguished in the next 24 hours.

As of midnight local time on the 13th, 61 people were injured by the fire, including 38 sailors and 23 people. Causes of injury include heat stroke and inhalation of smoke.

At present, the cause of the fire is still unclear. Before the fire, the”Good Man Richard” was under maintenance at the San Diego Naval Base.