The bridge was destroyed as soon as it was completed in India:8 years of construction, worth 2.6 billion rupees

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In Bihar, India, on the 15th local time, a bridge that had been in use for only one month was washed away by the flood. The 1140-meter-long bridge was opened to traffic on June 16 by the state’s chief minister Kumar. On April 5, 2012, Kumar held a groundbreaking ceremony for the 26.34 billion rupee (about 245 million yuan) bridge.

On the 15th, the flood completely washed away the earthwork on one side of the bridge. Yadav, the leader of the parliamentary opposition in Bihar, has strongly criticized the incident. He called it a huge corruption. The bridge was only used for 29 days, and such a big accident occurred, which is unacceptable. It took eight years to build the bridge, but it was washed away after only 29 days of use.

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Local officials explained that due to the rising water level, the flow of water through the bridge accelerated and the earthwork on the river bank could not withstand great pressure, causing the earthwork on the north side of the bridge to be washed away. And cause collapse.

As of now, no casualties have been reported.

Retrieving the rainy season disasters in Bihar in recent years, you will find many reports of river bridges being destroyed, but it is not uncommon for bridges just completed to be destroyed.

Recently, there have been heavy rains in India, and the water levels of many rivers in Bihar have skyrocketed, especially in many rivers in the northern region. The possibility of local flooding is also increasing.

(Source:CCTV News)