The British Chinese taunted the Prime Minister:Finally it was required to wear a mask. Why did you stop wearing a mask?

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On the 14th, the UK finally announced that masks must be worn in stores and supermarkets!

British Chinese laughed and said, why did British officials urge everyone not to wear masks?

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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that starting Friday, July 24, British people must wear masks when entering shops and supermarkets. The enforcement of this regulation in the UK will be enforced by the police rather than retail staff. Anyone who does not wear a mask while shopping will face a fine of up to £100. If paid within 14 days, the fine will be reduced to £50.

In the British Chinese community, the vast majority of people have already prepared and worn masks. Some netizens figured out the initial”useless” remarks of British officials, and even some of the secret group immunization policy comments, mocking the officials and finally admitting mistakes in the face of the painful epidemic after a few months.

The latest UK regulations for responding to new viruses will be the same as the mask regulations currently applied to public transport in the UK. Children under the age of 11 and certain persons with disabilities will be exempted.

Due to the epidemic, many retailers in the UK have been closed for several months. The store is now reopening and social isolation measures have been taken. British bars and restaurants can be completely reopened from July 4.

Last week, Scotland and about 120 countries including Germany, Spain, Italy and Greece required masks to be worn in public.

When announcing this initiative, a spokesman for the British Prime Minister’s Office 10 Downing Street said:There is increasing evidence that wearing masks in enclosed spaces helps protect individuals and those around them from infection with new viruses.”

“The Prime Minister has made it clear that people should be in stores Wearing a mask, we will enforce this rule from July 24.”

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This decision will be made by the Minister of Health Matt Hancock in a statement in the Commons on Tuesday afternoon. Four days ago, several government ministers issued conflicting statements, and opposition MPs also asked for clarification.

Previously, the United Kingdom introduced new regulations that mandate the wearing of masks on public transportation, while further relaxing the blockade of new viruses. The new virus pandemic regulations came into effect on June 15th, requiring that masks or scarves must be worn when riding public transportation.

British Shadow Health Minister Jon Ashworth said in response to the announcement about mandatory masks or coverings:”The government has once again been slow and chaotic in masking.”

“Given that the government’s guidance on May 11 favored the use of masks, many people will ask why ministers have been slow to make a decision in response to this epidemic, and why the new guidance has to pass 11. The day will take effect.”

During these 11 days of delay, the United Kingdom may have encountered another wave of epidemic infection peaks. This decision has made many people, including many British Chinese, find it very funny and illogical. .

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London City Sadik Khan went further, calling the government’s”chaotic communication” on this issue a”shame”. He urged:”We can’t wait any longer, the government should implement this policy immediately, and further delay will be life-threatening.”

Clare Walker, co-executive director of the British Chamber of Commerce, said:”Companies need to use masks explicitly The method is consistent and supported by public health evidence.””Stores and other indoor companies need to understand the new regulations as soon as possible… The latest guidance, including law enforcement, should be issued quickly so that companies can keep their virus outbreaks safe State, and successfully continue to carry out production and marketing business.”

Some officials who opposed the wearing of masks in the past now argued that there were not enough mask supplies at the time, so everyone was discouraged from occupying mask resources, but this statement was met Many people criticized that the British government shirk its responsibility for preparing materials to fight the epidemic.

Twelve hours before the incident was officially confirmed at 10 Downing Street, Johnson said in his latest statement about masks:”I think that in this crisis, people have shown to others It’s amazing sensitivity, and understand the need to cooperate to contain the virus… I think wearing a mask is one of them. In a limited space, all you do is protect other people from being infected. You may be able to infect other people. . In turn, they are also protecting you. This is mutual. People do see its value.”

But just a day ago, the government minister Michael Gove also suggested that the store should not be mandatory Wearing masks, he believes that shoppers should be encouraged to wear masks, but he believes that one can rely on”people’s judgment” instead of enforcing regulations.

Previously, the British Home Secretary Patel was photographed at a weekend meeting with the French Foreign Minister indoors without masks, although some people saw him wearing masks outdoors.