The British Minister denied that the ban on Huawei was caused by Trump:everyone came out to”grab credits”

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[Text/Observer Network Ju Feng] Yesterday, the British government decided to exclude Huawei from the supply of 5G equipment in the UK by 2027. Immediately afterwards, US President Trump voluntarily admitted that under his persuasion, many countries have banned Huawei, and the United Kingdom has particularly taken action. As a result, the UK today denied that banning Huawei was”affected by the United States.”

This morning (15th), the British Minister of Health Matt Hancock accepted the UK In an interview with the”Sky News” TV station, he responded to Trump’s remarks yesterday and said that the United Kingdom made the decision to ban Huawei independently.

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Matt Hancock (Source:iNews)

Hancock refers to the ban on Huawei as a “credit”.”We all know Trump, don’t we? Anyone can come out to claim credit and say that this decision was made by me.”

Hancock is still giving this full of politics Factors in government decisions are labeled”technology”, seeking”rationality.” He claimed,”In order to let the UK have the highest quality 5G system in the future, we made this decision based on the technical considerations of the National Cyber ​​Security Center.”

Announced decision on Huawei in the UK Not long after yesterday, Trump confessed in the White House Rose Garden that he personally persuaded many allies to ban Huawei.”If you use Huawei, there is no way to do business with the United States.” Trump also misrepresented that”Huawei has many security risks.”

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And today Hancock moved out of the”National Cyber ​​Security Center” to imply that Huawei’s 5G equipment”has so-called security risks”, not only It can be seen that the United Kingdom and the United States are at a loss, and the repression and smearing of Huawei are exactly the same, and his remarks have long been”slapped” by his colleagues.

Yesterday afternoon, the British Minister of Culture Dawden bluntly announced the decision to ban Huawei. This move will lead to a delay of 5G construction in the UK for a year, but”it is about maintaining the long-term security of the British telecommunications network. >In particular,”Considering US sanctions”. According to the British”Sky TV” report, Doden also said in the House of Commons that the United States introduced new sanctions,”when the facts change, The British position will also change.”

It is worth noting that the”security” aspect repeatedly mentioned by British politicians, the CEO of British Telecom (BT) also indicated earlier (12th) that instead of disabling Huawei, it will give British Telecom Industry brings security risks.

“In the short term, security issues may also occur-this is fatal. If we cannot buy Huawei or trade with Huawei, then our software cannot be upgraded,” Jensen told the BBC on the 12th ( BBC) said.

Regarding the British decision, Huawei also sees it clearly. Yesterday Huawei Brewster, the British spokesman for Edward Brewster, told Observer.com,”This decision is disappointing… Unfortunately, Huawei’s future development in the UK is politicized. This move stems from US trade policy, not security. Question. Over the past 20 years, Huawei has focused on building a better network connection in the UK.”

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