The bus carrying 50 students in Italy was hijacked

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China News Service·Huayu News The European Chinese Information Service reported that on Wednesday, July 15, the Milan Court Circuit Court sentenced:Ousseynou Sy was sentenced to 24 years in prison. Ousseynou Sy is a 48-year-old Senegalese immigrant. On March 20, 2019, he hijacked a passenger bus carrying about 50 students at a high school in Crema and burned it near San Donato Milanese. Milan prosecutor Luca Poniz prosecuted for kidnapping, terrorism, arson, deliberate injury and obstruction of official duties, etc., demanding that the defendant be sentenced to 24 years in prison by Judge Irio Manucci Passi The court presided over by Ilio Mannucci Pacini delivered a judgment about four hours later in the parliament hall. Sy’s lawyer has declared an appeal.

After his arrest, Sy stated that he planned to hold a”demonstration” at Linate Airport to protest the immigration policy of then-Minister of Interior Matteo Salvini.

Before the closure of the Milan courthouse, Sy read a self-declaration, he specifically pointed out that”Salvini decree intentionally killed”, and accused the prosecutor of not”speaking” about it:”Prosecution Officials are the mainstay of the judiciary, but the fact that they remain silent makes them accomplices because they acquiesce in the massacre of immigrants.” Sy chanted:”I demand justice from all families who saw their children and relatives die in front of the coast between 2018 and 2019. I remind the court that my move is only to save lives. I accuse Salvini again Committed a crime against humanity.”

Sy was previously a bus driver, March 2019 On the 20th, he drove the bus back to the 50 children and 3 tour guides of the Crema school. The original plan was to pick up the children back to school, but Sy suddenly changed the route and did not allow anyone to get off the bus, and then drove to Milan Linate The airport,”prepared to hold protests with children as shields there.”

A 13-year-old young immigrant managed to quietly call the police On the phone, Carabinieri intercepted at San Donato Milanese and Sy ignited the bus without being able to force it through. Fortunately, the police quickly took evacuation measures and all were rescued.

“We all condemn the deaths of refugees caused by the sea interception, but Sy has kidnapped so many children, we don’t believe that he is just to protest.” A student parent said she thinks the 24-year sentence is more”comparison” Fair” and”it could have been judged more”.

We are absolutely satisfied with this decision. We have placed ourselves in the hands of justice, and we are satisfied. A boy’s parents expressed satisfaction after 24 years’ imprisonment of Ousseynou Sy in the Circuit Court of Milan.

Young immigrants who bravely reported to the police were naturalized

< p> Ramy (Ramy) is a 13-year-old student. On the bus hijacked by Sy, he managed to hide the phone and called 112 to raise an alarm. In the commendation after the hijacking event, his father wanted his son to acquire Italian citizenship.”We are Egyptian. I arrived in Italy in 2001. My son was born here in 2005, but we are still waiting for official documents. We would love to stay in this country.”

Foreign Minister Dimayo said:”In addition to the two of us in uniform, there is another A hero:He is 13 years old and his name is Ramy. He is of Egyptian origin. He was one of the children who hid his mobile phone yesterday. He first called the police. He risked his life to save his companion’s life. Thank you He avoided the worst. Dad issued an appeal today to recognize citizenship. I believe the government must accept this request.”

The Ministry of the Interior has agreed:”Prepare to grant Lamy nationality” . (Original title:An immigrant who hijacked a bus carrying 50 students was sentenced to 24 years. Juvenile immigrants brave the police to obtain Italian citizenship!)

Source:European Chinese News

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