The cancer football coach Jing Yongxing passed away, Li Tie once said he would teach his children to play football

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Peng Pai journalist Pu Yaolei

According to the Beijing Football Association, on the evening of July 3, grass-roots football coach Jing Yongxing died of cancer. Coach Jing Yongxing’s family expressed sincere condolences and admiration for coach Jing Yongxing’s dedication to grassroots football work!”

Before, he chose to teach the children to play when Xinhua News Agency”when there are only three years left in life””Article has received wide attention from everyone. Jing Yongxing’s lover also expressed his gratitude to the relevant parties for their recent concern and help through social media.

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Jing Yongxing is wearing a national football shirt.

According to previous reports, in 2013, Jing Yongxing was diagnosed with advanced gastric cancer. The doctor told him to live up to three years, and Jing Yongxing, only 29 years old, decided to dedicate the rest of his life to the football he loved and established an amateur football club. , So that more children who love football can be happy through football.

According to the parents of the club’s parents, Coach Jing has only paid a nominal fee. “Sometimes he forgets to pay the fee and he never reminds him, he always remembers it and pays it later.” At the same time, he told the professor The children are also very dedicated to playing football,”Coach Jing will carry out targeted training according to the situation of different children. The entire training class will never be slack for an hour and a half. When he loses, he always encourages the children to tell them where they lost. He Not only teaching children to play football, but also training to teach children how to be humans.”

At the same time, he has never disclosed his cancer situation. The young players of Jing Yongxing until this year He learned about his situation at the end of May, and visited him for the first time. In an interview with Xinhua News Agency, his former colleague said,”At that time, he only said that he had a bad stomach and poor absorption, so he was so thin. He never mentioned physical matters.”

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The hospital bed Jing Yongxing on the

However, in 2019, Jing Yongxing’s condition deteriorated and he was in critical condition. Many friends and young players of Jing Yongxing didn’t know his condition until recently.

Beijing Football Association revealed that after understanding the story of Jing Yongxing, the Beijing Football Association contacted him, offered condolences and encouragement, and learned that one of his wishes was to get the Chinese Football Association D class as soon as possible Coach license. He mentioned at the time that he hoped his son would see a license in the future and knew his father was a football coach.

In order to achieve his wish, the Beijing Football Association immediately communicated with the Technical Department of the Chinese Football Association, assisted Coach Jing to apply for a license in accordance with the procedure, and delivered the D-class coach license of the Chinese Football Association to him on July 2 In hand.

In addition, some students who participated in the D-class coach training class together in 2012 also sent him blessings through the video. Jing Yongxing’s positive, optimistic, positive energy, perseverance and tireless attitude towards life are everyone’s impression of him.

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Young players visit Jing Yongxing

After Jing Yongxing’s story is reported, including Yu DabaoProfessional players expressed their blessings to Jing Yongxing on the Internet, and the current head coach of the Chinese national football team, Li Tie has also spoken for this.

Li Tie was deeply touched, specially recorded a video of blessings for Jing Yongxing, and said,”After seeing your story, I am really very touched. You have made a great deal for us football players. Good example. I hope you can invite you and your son to cheer for the national team when your health improves. In the future, I believe your son will be proud and proud of what you have done. I sincerely wish You can recover your health and continue to enjoy the happiness that football brings us every day.”

At the same time, Li Tie also promised,”If your son wants to play in the future, remember to let him come Me, I will try to make him a good player. Come on!”

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Li Tie once recorded the video to wish Jing Yongxing.

Unfortunately, Jing Yongxing finally failed to pass this level, and could not realize his vision of watching the national team game with his son.

Jing Yongxing said during his lifetime,”I have taught many children to play football, and I cannot teach my two-year-old son to play football. This is my biggest regret. I want my son to know his father when he grows up. What have I done, what dreams I have. I also want to call on more people to pay attention to Chinese football and youth football.”

Although he has passed away now, his love and perseverance for football has already Left in the hearts of countless fans and footballers.

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