The cause of the concentrated outbreak in the Swedish nursing home is related to these foreign nursing workers

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Picture:Russian Satellite News Agency

Overseas Network July 14th New Crown Virus continues in Sweden Spread, the cumulative number of diagnosed more than 75,000 cases, of which nursing homes became the”severe disaster area” of the epidemic. According to Swedish media reports, the cause of this phenomenon is related to the fact that the carers who take care of these elderly people do not speak Swedish.

Comprehensive”Swedish Express” and the Russian Satellite News Agency reported on the 14th that the Swedish Health and Nursing Supervision Bureau issued an evaluation report showing that during the outbreak, the language skills of nursing home staff may not be sufficient. Spread. The person in charge of the inspectorate Anna? Karin? Nyquith explained that due to poor language and poor communication, the elderly and carers will encounter special challenges when exchanging information.

According to a municipal survey released by the city of Eskilstuna in Sweden at the end of June, a large number of deaths occurred in a local nursing home, which is related to the fact that the native language of the foreign staff is not Swedish. A total of 29 people died in the outbreak in the nursing home. However, the survey also emphasized that the extent to which language barriers may cause infection or death in the elderly is unclear. In another questionnaire, 73%of people believed that language defects would lead to problems in the quality of care and patient safety. For example, drug management is prone to errors. If you do not understand the instructions, it will be dangerous.

In fact, the Swedish trade unions in related industries have issued warnings to caregivers with foreign backgrounds who do not understand Swedish, and caused health care problems before the outbreak, but the Swedish government did not give enough Value. Swedish Minister of Education Anna Ekstrom said:”It is too early to draw conclusions about the profound impact of language problems, but the pandemic clearly shows that investment in elderly care is necessary to take care of It is of course important for the elderly caregivers to speak fluent Swedish.”

The Swedish Public Health Agency announced on July 13 that the total number of confirmed cases in Sweden rose to 75,826, with a total of 5,536 deaths. During the outbreak, many Swedish doctors, nurses and assistant nurses working in the field were infected with new coronary pneumonia. (Overseas Network Zhang Qi)

Source:Overseas Network