The CBA rematch witnessed Zhou Qi’s brutal growth. Is the MVP in the regular season already in his pocket?

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This past year, Zhou Qi has been living in the whirlpool of defeat in the World Cup. Whether it is on the Internet, or in the real world, that serve error seems to be a nightmare he can not escape.

Fortunately, the pouring pressure did not crush the big man. Under the irreversible situation in the past, Zhou Qi could only try to save himself. In his words:”I just go down one step at a time, playing one game at a time, fighting one by one ball.”

In this CBA rematch, the Xinjiang team relied most of the time With the all-China team lineup in play, Zhou Qi also deservedly became the core of this team. His personal performance did not disappoint the fans again. In the past 12 games, the Devil has averaged 24.6 points and 15.2 rebounds per game, leading the team to a 10-2 record. After defeating the North Control team on Wednesday, the Xinjiang team continued their winning streak and they have almost locked in the second place in the regular season. At the same time, the CBA regular season MVP trophy also called Zhou Qi not far away, waiting for him to complete the final sprint.

Getting better! The Great Demon is unstoppable

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Fight against Beikong, Zhou Qi’s performance is not ideal. He scored 10 points in the first quarter, and even scored 1 point in the second and third quarters only by free throws. But even so, he ended up with 25 points and 12 rebounds. Cutting down 20+10 data seems to be commonplace for the Big Devil.

Marbury, the head coach of the North Control team, also said after the game that Zhou Qi is an NBA player. When confronting players of this level, he must show his strongest strength and constantly Challenged him.

Unfortunately, regardless of Marbury’s arrangement, Wang Shaojie, Sun Tonglin, Zong Zan, or even foreign aid Mortri Against Zhou Qi, the North Control team did not take advantage of anything. The same is true for other CBA teams. It is not easy to stop Zhou Qi today.

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He Liji’s physical talent makes Zhou Qi rule in CBA Powerful. Before the league was suspended due to the epidemic, he was one of the best inside players in the league. After the CBA reignited the fighting, the Xinjiang team played most of the time with the All-Chinese team. Zhou Qi, who played on both ends of the team, further demonstrated his strong field influence. According to the data, Zhou Qi’s average positive and negative values ​​reached +10.2, ranking sixth in the league. In front of him, all of them are players of the Guangdong team. Especially in the second stage of the rematch, Zhou Qi was somewhat unstoppable. Against Shenzhen, Zhou Qi’s 30 points and 15 rebounds caused his opponent to collapse in three quarters. Against Jilin, he scored 37 points and 18 rebounds plus 2 blocks.

But when it comes to his powerful play, Zhou Qi is very humble.”I’m not alone. Everyone on the team has undertaken more than usual. Relying on the strength of the team is our way to win.” He said.

The outbreak cannot be separated from the help of nobles

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The reason why Zhou Qi can play at the MVP level after the rematch is inseparable from his continuous hard work during the league suspension.

In response to his weakness, Zhou Qi underwent muscle training during closed training. According to Zhou Qi’s agent Sui Ran, the weight of the Big Demon King has reached 110 kg. Because of this, his ability to kill opponents has been further improved. Since the rematch, Zhou Qi has averaged 5.3 points per game on free throws. In addition, Zhou Qi’s mid-range shooting feel has also recovered a lot, this is the result of previous closed training.

“Closed training is a rare opportunity for all players. Everyone wants to improve as much as possible. The technical and tactical training and physical capacity training arranged by the team’s coaching staff are scientific, and the diet is healthy. I have plenty of rest and regularity, which has helped me a lot.” Zhou Qi said.

In addition to his personal efforts, Zhou Qi can play such an excellent performance, and also with the head coach A’s Jiang The tactical arrangement is not unrelated. Prior to this, whether Zhou Qi was in the Xinjiang team, in the national team, or in the development league, actually played a blue-collar role in the team. However, A’s Jiang now positions Zhou Qi as the absolute core of the team. Especially on the offensive end, Zhou Qi no longer exists only as an end point. More often, he needs to appear near the free throw. The Xinjiang team’s offense runs around Zhou Qi.

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In fact, the Big Devil does not only have a powerful protective basket Ability, his mid-range feel is also very good, and has a good ability to respond to the ball. When Zhou Qi appeared on the free throw line, he was able to avoid his weaknesses and maximize his strengths. The reason why the Chinese men’s basketball team can reverse Korea in the 2015 Asian Championships is because Zhou Qi frequently appeared on the free throw line in the second half of that game. Whether it is an individual offense, or split teammates, he has done well. Now in Xinjiang, Zhou Qi has finally returned to this position where he can maximize its effect.

To a certain extent, A Jiang can be regarded as one of Zhou Qi’s nobles in his career. In addition to making Zhou Qi more comfortable on the tactical level, he also gave the young insider a lot of help on the psychological level. At the beginning of the season, Zhou Qi was under tremendous pressure on his body, and away fans everywhere would send boos without exception. Various media will also mention the bitterness of the World Cup at the press conference. past.

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From the beginning to the end, Ah Jiang Du stood firmly in front of Zhou Qi and defended his disciples again and again. In the first round of the regular season, they confronted the Beijing team. After the game, a reporter asked how it felt that Zhou Qi returned to Wukesong to help his team win. Zhou Qi did not give a positive answer. Later, Jiang Jiang grabbed the microphone and said,”Actually, he is proving himself every ball and is proving his excellence. What else does he need to prove?”

Excellent performance day and night, let The public opinion environment around Zhou Qi is no longer so noisy. Now, A Jiang does not need to defend Zhou Qi anymore. With the deepening of the semi-finals, Zhou Qi used his performance to kick off those hazes completely and embrace his own new life.

Impact MVP, Zhou Qi holds three advantages

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2016-17 season, Zhou Qi has won the CBA championship. However, he has never touched the CBA regular season MVP honor. Before the start of the season, the major media regarded the Big Devil as a popular candidate for MVP. Now, Zhou Qi is indeed very close to winning this honor.

Last season, Guo Ailun and Wang Zhelin’s MVP battle made fans look admired. But this season, Zhou Qi, who has three major advantages, has made the MVP battle almost become his one-man show.

The most likely to fight against him in court is undoubtedly Yi Jianlian from the Guangdong team. So far this season, the Guangdong team has only lost two games, and the home and away doubles against Xinjiang have been completed. As the number one core of this team, the United League should also be a popular candidate for MVP. However, Zhou Qi had to beat the”big brother” in personal data. What’s more, after the CBA rematch, Yi Jianlian reached 7 games for a variety of reasons, and Zhou Qi has always maintained full attendance.

In addition to Yi Jianlian, the performance of players such as Hu Jinqiu, Sun Minghui, Wu Qian, Guo Ailun, Zhai Xiaochuan, Wang Zhelin It is also very good. The personal data of the king is even better than that of Zhou Qi. However, the Xinjiang team’s record is better than Fujian, Guangsha, Liaoning and other teams. Zhou Qi’s role on the court is not data. These players may be difficult to shake Zhou Qi’s advantage in the MVP battle.

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The most important thing is that Zhou Qi played after the rematch Amazingly, he averaged 24.6 points, 15.2 rebounds and 2.3 blocks per game. Like the NBA, CBA selects MVP through media voting. When the NBA chooses MVP, the performance after the All-Star is often more impressive. This season’s CBA is the same, Zhou Qi’s performance after the rematch has left a deep impression on people. In the future MVP selection, this is also the advantage of Zhou Qi.

Although the Big Devil has not always valued personal honor, the MVP trophy means a lot to any player. If he can finally win the”God of War Cup” as expected, this is not only a reward for Zhou Qi’s efforts in the past season, but also means that his career is about to reach a new stage.

Farewell to the past and mature, Zhou Qi is ready.