The cheating case in South Korea is settled, cheating chess player sentenced to 1 year

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  July 15, K, who used high-tech cheating in the Korean regular stage competition, ushered in the final sentence. The Eastern District Court in Seoul, South Korea sentenced him to one year in prison. Accomplice B, who helped him cheat, was sentenced to 1 year imprisonment, suspended for 2 years, and punished for 120 hours of community service.

   The 145th regular stage match was held at the Korean Chess Academy on January 14 this year, with 159 players participating. Before the start of the second round of the Round of 64, K hid the Bluetooth headset in the bandage on his ear, and hid the micro lens and receiver on the button of his clothes and in his clothes, trying to cheat.

  helping him cheat B is a cyber cafe near the arena Inside, by watching the real-time chess game taken by the miniature lens, the situation was analyzed with artificial intelligence Leela Zero and the result was transmitted to K’s earphones.

  K and B cheated unsuccessfully. Before the game started, K’s strange behavior was discovered by the referee Zhao Juanyou who was in charge of security inspection.

   After the incident, the Korean Chess Institute convened an interim operation committee on January 17 and decided to prosecute K for the crime of obstruction of official duties and to prohibit him from participating in all competitions of the directors of the Korean Chess Institute before the verdict is issued.

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