The Chinese ambassador to the UK tweeted four tweets to inform the UK:all decisions come at a price

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According to Global Network reports, after the British announced the ban on Huawei equipment in the construction of 5G on the evening of the 14th, the Chinese ambassador to the UK Liu Xiaoming issued four pushes in a row on the 16th, once again making a strong response to the British decision.

On the 16th, Liu Xiaoming tweeted:”All decisions and actions come at a price. China will fully and seriously evaluate the British decision on Huawei and take all necessary measures to protect Chinese companies’ Legitimate rights and interests.”

In the next tweet, Liu Xiaoming stated that only under an independent foreign policy can the UK become”Great Britain” and exert its global influence. Otherwise, it is only a minor partner of the United States. The British decision on Huawei is not about so-called security risks, but political pressure.

“China has always regarded Europe as an equal partner rather than a competitor. China’s development has created opportunities, not challenges, or threats for Europe. Both parties should strengthen mutual trust and achieve a win-win situation through cooperation.” He also continued to write.

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Finally, Liu Xiaoming said that the British decision was very frustrating. In the nearly 20 years since entering the UK, Huawei has made important contributions to the growth of employment in the UK. The way the UK treats Huawei will also be closely watched by other Chinese companies and will affect them.

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According to the Overseas Network, US Secretary of State Pompeo claimed that the United States will impose visa restrictions on some employees of Chinese technology companies such as Huawei. In the evening, the US State Department official website officially issued a statement. Andy Purdy, the chief security officer of Huawei America, criticized the US media in an interview on the 15th. It is unreasonable to use such retaliatory actions to hurt China.

According to CNN, when talking about the visa restrictions imposed on Huawei employees in the United States, Purdy pointed out that”such a move makes no sense for revenge and harm China through Huawei.””He also believes that despite the huge differences, the United States and China should start a dialogue,”the two governments need to work together to solve some important problems in the world.”

Ministry of Commerce spokesman Gao Feng said on July 16 that the British government has made a decision to exclude Chinese companies in the construction of 5G networks, and China firmly opposes this. The discriminatory practice of the British side runs counter to the free trade principle that the United Kingdom has always advocated. It seriously violates the WTO rules, seriously weakens the confidence of Chinese investment in the UK, seriously affects the atmosphere of Sino-British economic and trade cooperation, and seriously damages the credibility and reputation of the UK in the international trading system. status. Regarding the British side’s abandonment of the free trade policy, China is conducting an assessment and will take necessary measures to firmly safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese enterprises.

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