The Chinese Basketball Association General Assembly adopted a new charter and appointed a new secretary-general

By yqqlm yqqlm

From the 14th to the 15th, the China Basketball Association held the Ninth Second Member Meeting and the Third Council. The meeting listened to and reviewed and approved the”2019 Basketball Work Plan and Budget Implementation of the China Basketball Association and the 2020 Work Plan by the Association President Yao Ming And budget report”, discussed and approved the new”Chinese Basketball Association Charter” (hereinafter referred to as the”Articles”), at the meeting announced the appointment of Tu Meng as the Secretary-General of the Association.

At the beginning of this year, the China Basketball Association began to revise the regulations in accordance with the”Model Demonstration Text of the National Chamber of Commerce Association (Trial)” issued by the Ministry of Civil Affairs.

Responding to social needs, vigorously reforming institutional mechanisms, mobilizing social forces, and promoting the popularization and improvement of modern basketball in China are the core strategic goals of the Chinese Basketball Association. In order to achieve this goal, the new charter has revised the mission, business scope, membership, organizational structure, asset management and use, and information disclosure of the Chinese Basketball Association, and completed the decoupling reform for the Chinese Basketball Association. Make top-level institutional arrangements for operation. The newly revised charter was approved by all delegates.

The original constitution stipulates that its members are provincial basketball associations such as provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities. The new constitution stipulates that”this association is a national, industrial and non-profit social organization voluntarily formed by organizations and individuals dedicated to the development of the basketball cause of the People’s Republic of China.” In addition to the provincial basketball associations, other associations are engaged in basketball Organizations, including non-profit organizations and enterprises, and individuals who volunteer to serve the development of basketball, can apply to become members of the Chinese Basketball Association.

Yao Ming said that from the current situation of the development of basketball in China, various organizations and individuals have formed a social ecosystem that promotes the development of basketball. Based on legal authorization and government entrustment, the Chinese Basketball Association manages and coordinates national basketball affairs. It should not only be an association composed of provincial-level basketball associations, but also open wider, increase the diversity and representativeness of members, and unite and unite the wisdom of many parties. Strength to promote the accelerated development of the basketball cause.

According to the original charter, its governance structure includes five levels:the member general meeting, the council, the chairman’s office, the secretariat, and the special committee. The new regulations make it clear that the future governance structure of the association will be three levels:member congress, executive committee and secretariat. The special committees established in accordance with the original articles of association will, in accordance with the provisions of the new articles of association, assume corresponding tasks as the advisory bodies of the executive committee.

In addition, the new charter strictly limits the number of people at each management level. The number of the original board of directors is nearly 70, and the new constitution limits the number of executive committees that are the executive bodies of the original board of directors.

After the review and submission of the Third Council of the Ninth Session, the Second Member Meeting agreed that the Jilin Provincial Basketball Association and the Tibet Autonomous Region Basketball Association became the new members of the Chinese Basketball Association. So far, the national basketball associations of 36 provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Central Government, and cities with separate plans have become members of the Chinese Basketball Association.

Nominated by Yao Ming, Tu Meng was appointed as the secretary general of the Chinese Basketball Association at the Second Member Meeting of the Ninth China Basketball Association. Bai Xilin, who previously served as secretary general, will continue to serve as secretary and vice chairman of the Chinese Basketball Association Party Committee.