The Chinese government provides funds to Zimbabwe to help rebuild the severe tropical cyclone”Idai” disaster area

By ddzyx

International online report (Reporter Gao Junya Li Xiuli):On the 3rd local time, a post-disaster reconstruction project funded by the Chinese government and executed by the United Nations Development Programme was in the capital of ZimbabweHarare starts. This project will provide 237 houses, 8 clinics and multiple school buildings in the disaster zone of eastern Zimbabwe affected by the strong tropical cyclone”Idai”. It will also repair damaged schools and hospitals.

getInterUrl?uicrIvZQ=2d25b5ef145edbf355fb01457ebe323a - The Chinese government provides funds to Zimbabwe to help rebuild the severe tropical cyclone"Idai" disaster area

△ George Van Monfort (left), Permanent Representative of the United Nations Development Programme in Zimbabwe, Guo Shaochun (center), Chinese Ambassador to Zimbabwe, and Zimbabwe’s Minister of Local Government Juli Moyo signed a tripartite cooperation document, Helping the reconstruction of Zimbabwe’s disaster areas affected by the strong tropical cyclone “Idai”

The strong tropical cyclone “Idai” is one of the most severe natural disasters in southern Africa in recent years. According to statistics from the World Food Program,”Idai” caused at least 185 deaths in Zimbabwe, tens of thousands of people were homeless, and 270,000 people were in urgent need of humanitarian assistance. At the launching ceremony of the project, Zimbabwe’s local government minister Juli Moyo said that “Idai” is one of the most severe natural disasters in the country’s history, severely cracking down on the infrastructure and industrial and agricultural development in the affected areas and affecting residents’ lives. .

Moyo thanked the Chinese government for its financial assistance. He said that at the beginning of the disaster, the Chinese government and the people actively acted to help the locality cope with the disaster. For more than a year after the disaster, the Chinese government and people have been concerned about the people in the disaster area and continue to provide valuable support and help.”After the occurrence of the strong tropical cyclone’Idai’, the Chinese government and Chinese enterprises in Tianjin quickly participated in the post-disaster relief and reconstruction, and also provided the people in the disaster area with much-needed food such as corn meal and blankets and other daily necessities. Although’Idai’ has passed, but one For more than two years, the Chinese government’s assistance to the disaster-stricken areas has not stopped. It has been involved in the reconstruction of the disaster-stricken areas, helping local road construction, drilling wells, and building houses, etc.”

Moyo said that it was most affected by the”Idai” The Chimanimani and Chipinji regions of Manikalan Province are important production areas for agricultural products and ores in Zimbabwe. The Chinese government helps the local roads and bridges to be rebuilt, helping to promote the development of agriculture and mining, and rejuvenating the lives of local people. On track.

The reconstruction project was funded by the South-South Cooperation Assistance Fund established by the Chinese government, and was distributed through the UNDP representative office in Zimbabwe. The UN Development Representative in Zimbabwe, George Van Montfort, also expressed gratitude for the financial support provided by the Chinese government. He hopes that China will be a United Nations agency The project provides more support.”The South-South Cooperation Assistance Fund established by the Chinese government provides financial support for this reconstruction project. The South-South Cooperation Assistance Fund aims to support developing countries in achieving sustainable development. This project is also the first time that the UNDP Representative Office in Zimbabwe and the Chinese government Cooperation, I am very happy to be able to work with China to help Zimbabwe’s disadvantaged communities make positive contributions.”

Chinese Ambassador to Zimbabwe Guo Shaochun said that China and Tianjin are comprehensive strategic partners, facing difficulties and challenges The two sides are in the same boat and cooperating together.”After the”Idai” disaster, China immediately provided Tianjin with multiple humanitarian aid funds through bilateral and multilateral channels. It has also been helping the disaster-stricken areas to rebuild infrastructure and restore basic lives. Now, we are all faced with the new coronary pneumonia epidemic Challenges. I believe that through cooperation to fight against the epidemic, we will be able to overcome the epidemic.”