The Chinese side warned the United States that the phrase”we are not terrified” changed its meaning after being translated by the American media

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The accuracy of translations in the US news media is becoming more and more incredible, just like between us, the words change from one word to another. Recently, the”Washington Post” reported on the speech of Zhang Xiaoming, deputy director of the Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office of the State Council, on July 1, and distorted the contents of the speech in an attempt to discredit China.

From”We are not”Scared” turned into”We are certainly not afraid”

At the press conference that day, Zhang Xiaoming said this way,”Of course we are not scared. The Chinese look at others’ eyes and breathe. The times are gone forever.”

However, in the”Washington Post” reporter’s pen, we translated this sentence into “Of course we are not afraid. China cares about other people’s ideas and the time for admiration for others is over. It will never return”.

Chinese people care about others’ opinions and admire others The era has passed and will never return”. People with a discerning eye will be able to see the odds among them. Since modern China, especially since the Opium War of 1840, China has suffered from various insults by European and American powers until the leadership of the Communist Party of China The Chinese people fought up until the founding of New China, and the fate of the people was in their own hands again.

Especially after the reform and opening up, as economic strength has increased and international status has risen, China has finally Raising his eyebrows, he said that Zhang Xiaoming’s words have the courage to turn over and be the master after years of bullying.

But in the pen of the author of the”Washington Post”, the author secretly expresses China’s self-contained and self-conceited national image by misinterpreting the meaning. Throughout the article, free speech leads to the “reality” behind China’s promotion of national security legislation”Political thinking” actually thought that in the 1984 Sino-British”Joint Statement”, the United Kingdom was obliged to”duty” Hong Kong after the reunification, and tried to discredit China, saying that China violated the”one country, two systems” policy, and it almost said”abuse Justice”.

and See the figure of a Chinese-American reporter

TheWashington Post, the two authors of this article are Chinese-American Dou Yiwen who reports on Chinese business and economics, and a Singaporean journalist from Southeast Asia News, Mahathani, who loves pandas. It should be said that Dou Yiwen, who speaks Mandarin in China for 7 years in the Wall Street Journal, cannot fail to understand the meaning of this sentence, and why she wants to translate it like this Know the truth.

In recent years, Chinese journalists have”In China, examples of harming the Chinese people have been staged several times. They used black hair and yellow skin to get the goodwill of the kind Chinese people, and secretly cut the knife on China.

So We need to know that although we are of the same ancestry, they are Chinese, true Americans, and Americans serving the American Empire. They just want European and American readers to think that they are looking at this issue from the perspective of the Chinese people. It’s so shameful.