The courier brother praised by Liu Qiangdong retired today

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The 60-year-old courier brother retired Hello, Jingdong Logistics, your courier arrived.”For decades, I repeated the daily work of Jingdong brother He Guangquan, and finally retired today, becoming the first express delivery brother Jingdong officially retired in Sichuan.

Speaking of brother, actually He Guangquan is 60 this year Years, July 15th is his 60th birthday, Jingdong Logistics Southwest Company held a special retirement ceremony in the sales department he served.

At the ceremony, Jingdong Logistics gave him retirement Gifts, commemorative photo albums, etc. He also handed over to a post-00 apprentice.

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He Guangquan is the best delivery person in Chengdu. He has a soft hand to take the award. The reporter noticed that in the past 10 years in the industry, he has almost won the awards of JD.com and JD.com, such as Liu Qiangdong’s autograph in 2012 The signed”distribution model” and”distribution model” were selected by Sichuan media as”Urban Superman” in 2018. In 2019, they were awarded the”first-line model award” by JD Logistics, and so on. Calculate by pounds.

The reporter tracked it, this How did the courier brother praised by Liu Qiangdong work?

“It is not impossible to put it in the self-drawing cabinet, but I think it is not safe, or it is better to hand it to the customer. .”He Guangquan said with a smile. The reporter saw that every order was delivered to his door, and every order was called to confirm with the customer. In ten years, 10 mobile phones were destroyed.

He Guangquan as< span class="entity-word" data-gid="8520015">Jingdong Express veteran delivery staff, of course, summed up a lot of experience! He reminded the younger generation of couriers:”To the elderly The delivery must be delivered to the door. They have inconvenient legs and feet and are not very good for running up and down.”Don’t call your customers by their first names when calling customers, but use their surnames to call Mr./Ms. X, so that there is no sense of distance.”

He Guangquan is careful and knows how to be a human being, so he has gained the trust and support of customers! He Guangquan will hear old customers call him”Uncle He” cordially every time he goes to delivery. When he learned that He Guangquan was about to retire, he said to the camera:”Leave him for a while, otherwise you won’t get used to it, and work for a few more years! ”

He Guangquan’s work not only delivered the package, but also delivered Gentle power, this power has made every household feel warm during this decade. In He Guangquan’s own words:“Customers can rest assured that I will be happy. I’ve made a lot of money as a delivery person in JD.com in the past decade. Young partner, this is perhaps the most precious asset in my life.”(Editor in charge:DG)