The discovery of the world’s first two-dimensional material-graphene has subverted a century of theory

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When the object is so thin that it is only one-twentieth of the hair, can it still exist? Before this question was discovered, the answer was no. In 2004, two scientists from the University of Manchester in the United Kingdom, Andre Heim and Konstantin Novoselov, successfully prepared two-dimensional graphene crystal materials, overturning the so-called thermodynamic fluctuations The original theory that two-dimensional crystals are not allowed to exist freely at a limited temperature is allowed. This discovery subverts the entire scientific community’s original understanding of two-dimensional materials, and the two of them jointly won the 2010 Nobel Prize in Physics. After this groundbreaking discovery, people have paid more and more attention to graphene, and new discoveries have emerged. The research and application of graphene has achieved rapid development in more than ten years, and this is entirely due to the special structure and excellent performance of graphene.

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In fact, graphene (Graphene) is a kind of class=”entity-word” data-gid=”13525552″>Carbon atoms form a hexagonal two-dimensional honeycomb lattice with sp² hybrid orbitalsCarbon nanomaterials, it is this stable two-dimensional morphology crystal structure that makes graphene have excellent properties. Although graphene is composed of only one layer of carbon atoms and its thickness is only about 0.35nm, the hardness of graphene is 100 times stronger than the best steel, and even more than diamond, it is the thinnest and hardest nanomaterial in the world One, its special sp² hybrid orbital also gives graphene extremely strong electrical and thermal conductivity. These properties make graphene in the fields of solar panels, transparent touch screens, light-emitting panels, ultra-micro transistors, detectors, aircraft, satellites, etc. Has a very good application. Whether in theoretical or experimental research, the excellent performance of graphene shows extraordinary scientific significance and application value.

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At present, the direction of graphene industrialization is very clear, and for Related preparation technology and application technology also need to be accelerated. Especially how to apply the excellent performance of graphene to the high-tech industry and the development of downstream products will be the focus of future research and application of graphene. &34; Founder of China’s graphene industry &34; Mr. Feng Guanping has been committed to the industrial development of graphene and founded Eiwang Technology, a high-tech industry that leads the world in graphene heating applications. The application research and development of Evan Technology in graphene conduction, heat conduction, anticorrosion and other fields is at the international advanced level, and provides many well-known domestic enterprises with conductive film, thermal conduction film, anticorrosive coatings, composite materials and other graphene application products. In addition, Eiwang Technology has also made breakthrough progress in graphene intelligent thermal paste and graphene intelligent maintenance, becoming the world’s first large-scale enterprise in graphene heating application production.

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The prospect of the graphene market is very broad and will have huge future Many countries in the world are continuously increasing their R&D support. It is particularly important to master the core technology of graphene and seize the commanding heights of the new material field in the future. At present, my country’s graphene market has strong demand, and the industrialization process of graphene is gradually accelerating, with strong research and development capabilities. It is believed that in the future, through in-depth research and development of enterprises, my country can form a systematic graphene R&D technology route and industrial scale, which will take the lead for future R&D and application of graphene!