The Egyptian Embassy in Thailand issued an apology statement to the Thai people

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Thailand Headlines News Agency reported that the Egyptian Embassy in Thailand issued an apology statement on the infection of its military personnel in Thailand. The statement stated that:From July 8th to 11th, an infection New Crown Pneumonia’s Egyptian Air Force with 31 people coming to U-Tapao Airport in Rayong, Thailand, the Egyptian Embassy in Thailand is also very worried Well surprised. The Egyptian Embassy expressed its greatest apologies to every Thai citizen involved in the incident, and took this opportunity to assure every Thai citizen that the Egyptian Embassy will cooperate closely with the relevant Thai institutions to establish a public Confidence in health control that can control and reduce the risk of infection. The above-mentioned incident is the first case in Thailand and Egypt in maintaining long-term friendly cooperative relations. The Egyptian air force has been performing routine tasks through the Thai aviation field, and has never encountered such a difficult problem as it is now. .

Each staff member of the Egyptian Air Force will comply with public health safety measures when performing foreign missions, including the implementation of New coronavirus detection, they have been tested for new coronavirus before they come to Thailand.

Under the”Emergency Decree” and”Infectious Diseases Law”, the Egyptian Embassy will fully cooperate with the implementation of measures to prevent the outbreak of new coronary pneumonia in Thailand. In addition, it will fully support Thailand’s successful response to the epidemic, including close cooperation with the Thai side to maintain and upgrade this admirable work.

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