The epidemic problem cannot be solved, but the White House is busy solving”problems”

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Source:Overseas Network

July 13, The President of the United States Trump reposted a tweet on social media saying”everyone is lying”. (Source:Twitter)

On July 13, local time, US President Trump forwarded a tweet from a conservative media person on social media. The tweet said that it included the US Centers for Disease Control, The vast majority of people, including the media, Democrats, and medical professionals, lied about the epidemic. Politico, an American political news website, analyzed that Trump has been arguing about whether to start school and other issues with the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Fuchs, and forwarding such remarks is obviously to defame Fuchs reputation.

In the past few days, White House politicians have smeared the news that denigrates Fuchs, firmly occupying the headlines of major US media. At a time when the United States is trapped in a “black hole”, the White House politicians don’t think about how to solve the epidemic problem, but are busy solving the “problem”.

Served six U.S. presidents, experienced Fuchs fighting AIDS, Zika virus, H1N1 flu, and Ebola, is the”anti-epidemic captain” in the hearts of Americans”Is also a”nail in the eye” of White House politicians. When Trump couldn’t wait to announce to the media that it was close to the launch of the new crown vaccine, Fuch said that the large-scale application of the vaccine was likely to take “one year to one and a half years”; when the White House insisted that the new crown test kit was sufficient, Fuch said frankly The current detection capabilities of the United States cannot meet the demand”; when Trump is busy advancing the”restart” plan, the blessing has repeatedly warned of the huge risk of excessive economic restart causing the epidemic to rebound; when Trump declared that”99%of the viruses have no”Famous”, Fucci once again told the truth,”Obviously this is not the case”…

Since the outbreak in the United States, the”competition” between the White House and Fucci has continued. In the eyes of White House politicians, Fuchs publicly opposed Trump’s remarks”not in the best interests of the president.” Naturally, the United States'”anti-epidemic captain” who always tells the truth has become the best choice to be crowded out and suppressed by White House politicians. As early as April, Trump retweeted a”fired Fuchs” tweet, which caused a stir in the American public opinion. The British”Financial Times” reported on July 10 local time that Fodge had”no chance to report to the president for more than two months.” The National Cable Network quoted a White House official’s statement on July 11 and said,”I am worried about the number of times Dr. Foch has made mistakes in certain things.” From this, it can be seen that the White House’s approach to”Fockey” Fudge has been upgraded from a”marginalization” strategy to a”smear dish”.

Fuch’s experience of being suppressed by the White House reflects the American anti-epidemic logic of political logic over scientific logic. The relationship between politics and science was not originally a conflict. As long as science is respected, politics will provide the greatest resources and strongest support for a successful anti-epidemic. However, it is regrettable that the White House has turned the two into a confrontational relationship. What the White House needs is a bureaucracy that listens to political arrangements and keeps it”quiet”, not an expert who”sings the opposite” and”reveals the truth.”

In addition to the epidemic prevention experts left out by the White House, some health officials are also forced to resign:According to the National Association of City and County Health Officials (NACCHO), at least 24 public health officials have left as of June, including Ministers of Public Health in four states. Faced with the first wave of epidemics that has not yet passed, the White House and some Republican governing states ignored the warnings of epidemic prevention experts, blindly restarted the economy, and forced the school to resume classes, which led to a rapid rebound in the US epidemic and the”epidemic epicenter” changed from one to multiple. It is expected that before the general election, if the US epidemic continues to deteriorate, epidemic prevention experts and public health officials will face more attacks from the White House and conservatives.

The political manipulation of American politicians has made the United States a”bad student” to deal with the new crown epidemic. According to the latest statistics of the new crown epidemic situation released by Johns Hopkins University in the United States, as of 9:00 on July 14, Beijing time, the total number of newly diagnosed cases of new coronary pneumonia in the United States was 3,479,365, and the cumulative deaths were 138,247. The newly confirmed cases were for three consecutive days More than 60,000 people; the number of death cases of new coronary pneumonia in 17 states has increased, and the number of hospitalized patients with new coronary pneumonia in 12 states has reached a new high. As the most developed and mature country in the world with medical technology, the United States has sighed to the extent that it has dealt with the epidemic.

It is precisely because the White House placed political logic before scientific logic that made the words”anti-intelligence” and”anti-science” prevail in the United States, making the United States the hardest hit by the global epidemic. Of the American people pay the price of their lives. Politicians have wrists to shut up scientists; but viruses do not talk about politics, and they are not afraid of intimidation at all. American politicians can’t solve the problem of spreading the epidemic even if they play the trick. (Chen Yang Nie Shuyi)