The epidemic”played cover”, and these violent acts in the United States have intensified…

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Xinhua News Agency, Washington, July 14. More than 3 million people were infected and more than 130,000 people died. The United States is the most severe country in the world with the new crown epidemic, and the epidemic has become the focus of most attention.

However, violent activities in American society continue. The epidemic has weakened the attention of these violent activities. At the same time, the social conflicts caused by the epidemic have also exacerbated these violent behaviors. Not facing the double threat of epidemic situation and violent activities at the same time.

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On May 29, in New York, the police arrested the protesters. Xinhua News Agency/Reuters

11-year-old talented boy who died at gunpoint

11-year-old Daven McNeil in Washington, D.C., with outstanding athletic talent, determined to become a professional football player , Earn money to buy a big house for his mother Christel McNeil.

But now these wishes cannot be fulfilled.

On July 4, Cristal held an open-air barbecue in the community. At the end of the evening, she drove Daven to the relatives’ home to pick up the mobile phone charger and headphones. Unexpectedly, the accident happened.

Darwin was shot in the head shortly after getting out of the car and was taken to the hospital where he died.

According to local police, in the evening of the day, many people shot at the incident and Daven was hit by a stray bullet. Court documents show that local gangs have recently experienced friction, and there have been several shootings and murders before.

Crystal is a community worker who is committed to reducing community violence and crime. She organized open-air barbecues to narrow the distance between her neighbors and called for an end to gun violence. On his own son.

As some states in the United States restart their economies, people go out and social activities increase, and the number of shooting incidents also increases.

Since July alone, there have been multiple shootings across the United States. In Washington, D.C., 16 people, including Darwin, were killed in the shooting in early July; in Chicago, on the weekends of July 11 and 12, alone, 45 people were shot and 7 of them died; During the American Independence Day holiday from July 3 to 5, there were 44 shootings in New York City, and 63 people were shot, at least at least Nine people died.

What’s even more shocking is that many minors have been killed in recent shootings. The youngest is only 7 years old.

Washington Post reporter John Woodrow Cox said on social media that it is difficult to pay attention to some other American crises during the epidemic, but the gun violence crisis is more urgent than others.

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On June 26th, a shooting occurred in a factory in Illinois, USA, and the police were preparing to enter the factory where the shooting occurred. Xinhua News Agency/Milian

For victims of domestic violence, the epidemic is a nightmare

In the past few months, most of the states in the United States implemented a”home order”, which helped To stop the spread of the epidemic, but for victims of domestic violence is tantamount to a nightmare.

“Please help me,” a woman in Chicago, USA pleaded when she called the local rescue center recently.

She secretly escaped from her home and called for help. According to her description, after the outbreak, her boyfriend lost her job and her words and deeds became more and more violent.

Another American woman was recently beaten to hospital by her husband. In an anonymous interview with the American media, she said that it is difficult to escape from the house when subjected to domestic violence, and it is even more difficult during the epidemic.

The problem of child abuse is equally serious. Statistics show that the US National Helpline for Children’s Help received calls and messages concerning child abuse increased by 17%in the same period last year.

Yamye Coffman, medical director of the Center for Prevention of Abuse and Neglect of Children, said that many children are reported by teachers, but due to school closures, there may be some cases of abuse that have not been reported. underestimated.

Experts believe that there is a direct and indirect causal relationship between the high incidence of domestic violence and the new crown epidemic.

Affected by the”home order” and travel restrictions, the victims and the perpetrators lived together longer and the possibility of violence increased significantly; in addition, the closure of public shelters during the epidemic also cut off one Request for assistance.

The new crown epidemic caused a rapid decline in the US economy and indirectly spawned more domestic violence incidents. Caroline Bettinger-Lopez, a visiting senior researcher at the American Think Tank Diplomatic Society, wrote that unemployment is increasing, people are more anxious and financially stressed, and public services are reduced, providing soil for the deterioration of domestic violence.

Coffman said that during the last recession in the United States, pediatricians noticed an increase in the number of serious abuse cases, and she was concerned that the same situation might be repeating itself.

Freud failed to”cure” US law enforcement violent chronic diseases

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May 31, in Minnesota, USA In Minneapolis, policemen holding batons are on the streets. Xinhua News Agency (Photo by Angus Alexander)

On May 25, 46-year-old American African-American man George Freud was subjected to violent law enforcement when he was arrested in Minneapolis. White policeman Drake Showan pressed Freud’s neck with his knee for 8 minutes and 46 seconds.

Freud’s death triggered large-scale, long-term demonstrations nationwide to protest police violent law enforcement and racial discrimination. However, after the protests, law enforcement violence soon reappeared in people’s eyes.

On the evening of June 12, GeorgiaA 27-year-old African-American man outside a fast food restaurant in Atlanta Lechard Brooks resisted when he was arrested, and the police shot when he fled afterwards. Brooks was shot twice in the back and died of organ failure and excessive blood loss.

Paul Howard, a prosecutor in Fulton County, Georgia, said that according to regulations, the police prohibit shooting when the suspect escapes. Howard also said that after the victim fell to the ground, the two policemen still kicked and trampled on the victim and did not rescue them.

A recent poll by the US Public Affairs Research Center shows that nearly half of Americans believe that police violence against the public is “very” or “extremely” severe, compared with the results of a similar poll last September Increase by about one third.

United States New Jersey Federal Senator Cory Booker said that if he continues to turn a blind eye to police enforcement, Then violence, violations of civil rights, and even death will appear repeatedly. (Reporter:Sun Ding; editors:Liu Yang and Wang Fengfeng)