The first public trial of the founder of Room”N” in South Korea:Recognition of all prosecution facts

By ddzyx

Dw4Fmb bFWcc64laCUBuiquiseDYwO4ZujMKmNxRfuqXMjSGdlcZPzw - The first public trial of the founder of Room"N" in South Korea:Recognition of all prosecution facts

According to Korean media reports, the founder of South Korea’s”House No. N” Wen Hengxu (transliteration, net name”godgod”) admitted the suspicion in the first trial.
According to reports, on the 2nd, the Daegu Anton Branch of the District Court’s video on sexual exploitation of children and adolescents due to suspected distribution Wen Hengxu, who was detained and prosecuted for threatening the parents of the victim, went to a public trial.
Wen Hengxu and his defenders all admitted the facts prosecuted on the spot. In addition, apart from the accomplice statement, he also admitted all the evidence. The prosecution requested the referee to give Wen Hengxu an order to protect and observe and install electronic devices.
Andong Branch of Daegu District Public Prosecution Office transferred Wen Hengxu to trial on June 5 for 12 suspects of violation of laws and regulations on sexual protection of children and adolescents and special injuries. According to reports, the next trial will be conducted at 11 am local time on August 13.
The Korean media previously exposed a series of cybercrime incidents, collectively referred to as the”room N” case. Someone uploads and shares illegally captured sexual exploitation videos and photos in an encrypted chat room set up on instant messaging software, which can only be viewed by paying members. The platform can set up private chat, delete information regularly after reading, etc., to support virtual currency transactions.
Wen Hengxu is the founder of Room N and is suspected of producing and disseminating sexual exploitation videos targeting most minors. In addition, he was also suspected of coercion, threats, violation of child welfare law, etc.
The police said that Wen Hengxu said that he started a similar crime around 2015, and is expanding the scope of the investigation. In addition, in the future, additional victims will be identified, protected and supported, and the suspects’ crimes and accomplices will continue to be investigated. Source:ChinaNews