The flight was cancelled due to the epidemic situation

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Abstract:Kleon Papadimitriou, a Greek college student studying in Scotland, UK ) Due to the cancellation of the flight, I chose to return home by bike.

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Overseas.com, July 15th Greek college student Karen Paar studying in Scotland, UK After the flight was cancelled due to the epidemic, Kleon Papadimitriou instead chose to ride back to his country. After riding 2175 miles (about 3500 kilometers) for 48 days, he finally arrived at his parents’ house in Athens, Greece on June 29.

According to the”New York Post” report on the 14th, Papardi Mitrio said that during the trip, he rode about 35 to 75 miles a day, and survived by eating canned sardines and bread. At night, they will sleep in the woods. He said that his parents were adventurers when he was young, so his parents could barely agree to the trip after he downloaded an app that could track his phone at any time.

When finally returning home after traveling through the Netherlands, Germany, Austria and Italy, dozens of friends and strangers who accompanied Papada Dimitrio celebrated for him. In an interview, Papa Dimitrio said he was very excited:”My parents were very adventurous when they were young. Seeing me follow their footsteps, I think they will be very moved, This experience obviously has a lot of meaning.” (Overseas-United States-Qiao Shanshan/Intern Compilation Xu Zeran)