The French epidemic has rebounded, but the French Open plans to sell tickets on the 9th:20,000 people watch the game every day

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Although there are still hundreds of new cases of new pneumonia diagnosed every day in France, and there has been a certain upward trend in recent days, the French Tennis Association announced on the 2nd :This year’s French Open will allow spectators to enter the game and plan to open 50%to 60%of the grandstand seats.

It is reported that the ticket sales for the French Open 2020 competition will begin on July 9. The event stated that it would strictly abide by sanitary measures to meet the needs of prevention and control of the epidemic.

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Nadal had expressed tennis The fear of restarting the season.

According to the latest schedule announced by ATP and WTA, this year’s French Open will be held from September 21 to October 11, of which the qualifying match will be held from September 21 to 25, and the main match will be held on 9 Started on the 27th.

“The number of spectators allowed to enter the venue will be 50%to 60%of the normal capacity of the venue. Under this limit, we can maintain a certain social distance.” The French Tennis Association said in a statement.

According to this ratio, the French Open will allow up to 20,000 spectators to enter the game every day. At the same time, the French Tennis Association also said that if the epidemic situation improves in the future, it will further relax the number of spectators on the scene.

In addition, French Open tickets will be sold by date, session and seat category. In mid-September, ticket buyers will know the exact location of their seats.

According to the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, any spectators moving around the French Open venue must wear masks. The seat layout of various audiences will be adjusted according to the hygiene guidelines to ensure social distance; at the same time, the cleaning and disinfection of each area of ​​the venue will be strengthened, and hand sanitizer will be distributed.

The French Open’s attitude towards the audience has always been very tough. The President of the French Tennis Association Bernard Judichelli, who participated in a show called”Twitch channel”, had once challenged the famous French tennis player Meng Phils said that the French Open will certainly proceed as scheduled, and at the same time, he will allow the audience to enter the venue and will not”spook the game”.

With regard to the “accusations” that the French Open has affected the rest of the events, Judichelli does not “buy” these criticisms.

“This is a well-considered and responsible decision.” Judichelli said,”No one regrets making this decision.”

“The French Open The game is the’engine’ of French tennis. It feeds other players in our ecosystem. So at this time, our first consideration is to protect their interests.”

In Judicelli’s view, the French Open is already trying not to affect those”important” games-such as Grand Slam and Masters level competitions.

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