The German government reiterates its position on the 5G issue:it will not exclude certain companies

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China News Agency, Berlin, July 15 (Reporter Peng Dawei) The British government announced on the 14th that it will stop using Huawei equipment in 5G construction. In response to whether Germany’s position on the 5G issue has changed, the German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs exclusively responded to a question by a China News Agency reporter that the German Federal Minister of Economy and Energy Altermeier recently stated that Huawei’s 5G construction will not rule out Huawei’s position “as always.”Effectively”. It reiterated that the German federal government’s choice of”flat and neutral technology and producers” will not exclude specific participants from the beginning.

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The picture shows on July 14, local time, people pass a Huawei after-sales service center in the center of Berlin, Germany. China News Service reporter Peng Dawei

According to Reuters, the British Prime Minister Johnson made a decision on the 14th to require British telecommunications operators to stop purchasing Huawei 5G equipment by the end of this year and clear existing equipment within the next seven years .

Huawei responded on the day that this decision was disappointing, which may put Britain in the slow lane of digital development. The company’s British spokesman said that this move would not only improve, but will reduce the level of development in the UK. Huawei urged the British government to reconsider this decision.”Unfortunately, Huawei’s future development in the UK is politicized. This move stems from US trade policy, not security issues.”

Regarding Huawei’s 5G issues, Altmeyer was in Germany on July 11.”Frankfurt Report” in an interview said that the German 5G network construction will not exclude Huawei. He emphasized that only when there is evidence to show that there is a national security threat, it is possible to exclude certain equipment.

In response, a reporter from China News Agency asked the German Federal Ministry of Economy and Energy on the 14th local time whether the German Federal Government’s position on Huawei’s 5G issue remains unchanged. The Ministry exclusively responded to reporters in writing that day, and said that the statement made by Minister Altmann in the aforementioned”Frankfurt Report” interview”is as effective as ever.”

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The picture shows the Huawei Kirin 990 5G chip displayed at the Berlin International Consumer Electronics Show (IFA) in September 2019. (Profile picture) Photo by Peng Dawei, reporter from China News Service

The ministry also pointed out that, given the significance of 5G for Germany’s future competitiveness, the software and hardware equipment used in 5G construction must meet the highest safety standards.”For this reason, the German Federal Government has chosen a flat and neutral approach to technology and manufacturers-it has decided to increase the security requirements for all parties applying to participate in 5G construction, but the German Federal Government will not Specific participants are excluded.”

Public reports show that the German Chancellor Merkel has stated many times before, Certain companies will not be excluded from the construction of 5G in Germany. (End)