The government has begun to act! Are your documents in Cambodia complete?

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July 13, immigration The Deputy Director of the Bureau led relevant staff to visit the Governor of Westport Guo Zongren to discuss the situation of foreign workers in Westport and the effective fight against crime.

It is understood that the Governor of Westport includes relevant officials All attended the meeting. At this meeting, the Deputy Director of Immigration said that in order to provide better and more effective services for foreign workers, the members of the working group he led will carry out a series of inspection activities in Westport. All foreigners should follow the Ministry of the Interior. According to the regulations of the Ministry of Labor, all kinds of legal documents are handled during the period in Cambodia.

He revealed that the main purpose of this inspection is to In order to protect all foreigners engaged in lawful production and operation in Westport, and effectively combat the crimes of foreigners in the local area, such as cracking down on illegal immigrants, drug trafficking, human trafficking, kidnapping and money laundering.

Guo Zongren expressed his support. He asked all relevant staff in Westport to actively cooperate with the work of the working group.

At the same time, he also suggested that when the working group starts its work, it should notify the foreign investment company in advance, so that they have enough time to prepare relevant documents, so as to effectively improve the working efficiency of the working group. In the process of cracking down on criminal activities, it is necessary to provide legal foreign investors and workers with protection to increase the trust of foreign investors in the Westport government.

We can also summarize from the above The following two points:

1. The Cambodian government attaches great importance to the security of Westport and has prepared to uproot criminals from the root cause;

2 1. People who are stuck in Westport and who do not apply for a labor certificate or do not renew their visas will no longer apply for a permit.

Let’s take a look at the first point first. The editor will give you a detailed analysis of why the Cambodian government intends to uproot criminals from the root cause.

First of all, various vicious public security incidents in Westport occur frequently. Shooting, homicide, kidnapping or various unexplained deaths have seriously affected the image of Westport.

The Cambodian government is preparing to make Westport an international The emergence of these vicious public security incidents not only affects the image of Westport, but also makes investors question the security environment of Westport and even Cambodia. Is it worth their investment?

Once investors are hesitating, the development of Westport will inevitably have to be pushed back and forth, which is something the Cambodian government does not want to see.

What are the root causes of so many vicious public security incidents in Westport? YesOnline Investment is here!

From 17 years of enthusiasm into the Westport to the end of the 19th embarrassing departure, in just two years, they turned a”small fishing village” such as Westport into a”large melting pot”.

Internet investment promotes the development of Westport’s economy is not false, but This development is deformed for Westport, not to mention those who come from all corners of the world, or have a criminal record or fledgling, they even put a gray coat on Westport.

Shooting, kidnapping, extortion, homicide… The case seems to have little to do with the net investment, but it is not difficult to find out that the case and the net investment are inextricably linked.

At the end of 19, a large number of practitioners fled, and a large number of practitioners also left. A small group of people stayed in an attempt to”resurrect” in Cambodia, but out of this wave of people, 9 out of 10 are people with incomplete documents. .

If the documents are complete, it is more convenient. The Immigration Department has introduced a “Foreigner Management System”. As long as you enter, as long as you stay in Cambodia, you have to go to the system to register, if not If you register, you will most likely fail to apply for a certificate and become a stowaway in Cambodia.

Note that the Cambodian government Immigration can never be soft. 

If you want to prove that it is legal to stay in Cambodia, you need to prove the relevant documents. The nature of business visas and tourist visas are different.

The former needs to apply for a labor certificate after coming to Cambodia, while the latter must leave the country within the time limit. Of course, it can continue to renew, but the price of renewal of tourist visas is not cheap.

Therefore, passports, visas, and labor certificates are the three certificates that all Chinese people who have been in Cambodia for a long time must hold. If these three certificates are not available, the problem will be large.

According to the regulations of the Cambodian government, no matter what kind of industry they are engaged in, regardless of the size of the industry, foreign employees must apply for a labor certificate. If this rule is violated, the Ministry of Labor will apply the”Cambodian Labor Law” Dispose of it according to law.

It is understood that factories, enterprises and foreigners who have illegally hired foreign workers will be fined 40,000 riels ($10) per day; those with serious circumstances may be He was sentenced to 3 to 6 months’ imprisonment and faced deportation issues.

For this, the editor also reminded the majority of compatriots in Cambodia that they should never think that the Cambodian government will not check the relevant documents of foreigners under the epidemic. On the contrary, it will check the documents such as labor certificates and visas. The action has already begun.

If the relevant documents have not been processed, please go to the relevant department as soon as possible to avoid being fined or detained during the inspection.

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