The government is busy making money, parliamentarians shouting, experts are stunned, can such an American be a backing for Taiwan?

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The US State Department has approved the provision of”Patriot 3 missiles” to Taiwan at a total price of approximately US$620 million. This is the seventh U.S. arms sale to Taiwan since Trump took office, and the second time the United States has approved an arms sale to Taiwan this year. Taiwan is naturally happy and grateful, thank the United States for assisting Taiwan to continue to strengthen its defense energy. It seems that with the United States backing up, there will be arbitrary capital. But can the United States really serve as a backer for Taiwan? Will the United States protect Taiwan in the event of a war?

The United States is implementing the”normalization of arms sales to Taiwan”?

On July 10, Meng Yuhe, a spokesman for the American Association in Taiwan, said,”By deterring aggressive actions, the security cooperation between the United States and Taiwan has promoted peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait and the region. Meng Yuhe pointed out that this arms sales case will enable the Taiwan Air Force to replace the service life of components that are about to expire and extend the shelf life of the”Patriot 3 missile” so that it can give full play to the 30-year period. Years of use.

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Patriot 3 missile

For this military sale, Taiwan The authorities naturally welcomed as always, and Taiwanese spokesman Huang Chung-hang said on July 10 that he would like to thank the United States for helping Taiwan continue to strengthen its defense energy.”In view of the recent frequent military pressure exerted by the Chinese mainland on the Taiwan Strait and between regions, this arms sales case will Help Taiwan’s high-level defense to be further solid.” Mei Fuxing, director of Taiwan’s”Taiwan Strait Security Research and Analysis Center,” said that although the two projects this year were not large, in terms of frequency, the United States is implementing”normalization of arms sales to Taiwan.”

“Normalization of arms sales”, there is always such a complacent tone in it, but the United States staged”arms sales to Taiwan”, in addition to the”large clearance of second-hand goods”, charging” In addition to the”protection fee”, it is nothing more than one of the many measures taken to launch a fierce offensive against mainland China based on political situation reality and strategic considerations. It can only be said that there is a certain amount of”protection of Taiwan” sincere.

This point, the people of Taiwan understand it clearly. After so many years of selling weapons from the United States to Taiwan, most Taiwanese people no longer believe that the”buy weapons can protect Taiwan” or”the United States can protect Taiwan.” More of them are that they are not urgent for these weapons. Yes, but only the designated equipment that the United States wants to sell,””The United States has always charged protection fees” and other questions.

According to Taiwan media reports, Trump’s seven arms sales to Taiwan have accumulated to US$13.274 billion. Even if it is not the latest one, in the past four years, Tsai Ing-wen spent an average of US$3.16 billion annually on the purchase of US military, far exceeding his predecessor. However, cross-strait relations have deteriorated in the past four years, and the situation in the Taiwan Strait has become increasingly tense. This is a blessing or a curse for Taiwan. It is clear at a glance.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman Zhao Lijian said at a regular press conference on the 14th that China firmly opposes the US arms sales to Taiwan and urges the US to effectively abide by the one-China principle and the provisions of the three Sino-US joint communiqués and stop selling Taiwan’s weapons so as not to cause further damage to Sino-US relations and peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait. China has decided to take necessary measures to impose sanctions on Lockheed Martin, the main contractor for the arms sales.

Hawk politicians clamor for admitting Taiwan’s”independence”

The U.S. government is thinking of fishing for money from Taiwan without saying that certain eagles in the United States Sending politicians, unable to hold back, began to jump out and put forward a more manic idea.

On July 2, former US White House National Security Advisor Bolton threatened that the United States should give Taiwan the so-called”diplomatic recognition” and suggested that the United States”use a variety of means to exert pressure on Beijing asymmetry.” These are all”combination punches” made by the US, and they are a series of small moves to curb the development of mainland China.

The United States House of Representatives Foreign Committee Republican Chief McCall has recently been interviewed by the media. He also clamored when answering questions about Hong Kong’s National Security Act, which may be a blueprint for mainland China’s handling of Taiwan issues. The United States will not allow this kind of thing. Occurs in Taiwan. McCall said:”We will make it clear that we are on the Taiwan side. I think the most severe punishment is to recognize the legitimacy of Taiwan as an”independent country”, which will be the fundamental step in the right direction. A sexual step.”

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Analysis believes that on the one hand, The strategic competition between China and the United States is becoming increasingly fierce, and the United States is playing an important role in its”full containment” of mainland China. On the other hand, the US general election is approaching, the current epidemic in the United States is still high, Trump’s polls are declining, and no better domestic policy can be brought out. The”Taiwan card” is intended to shift the domestic focus. Obviously, no matter what kind of consideration, it is based on self-interest and political considerations, rather than selflessly supporting Taiwan. However, the DPP authorities are willing to cooperate with the United States to confront the mainland of China, watch the situation in the Taiwan Strait deteriorate, and continue to stand on the frontline as a thug.

Military experts make jokes to the Taiwan branch

What’s even more outrageous is the process of playing the “Taiwan card” in this wave of madness In the meantime, even US military experts came to join in the excitement and made a big joke.

A number of Taiwanese media reprinted articles published by Forex magazine on the 13th by”American Military Experts” Aix. Aix claimed that if the PLA wants to win Taiwan, Penghu will be an important key point. The Penghu defense is solid and difficult to capture. Every hour it insists on will help Taiwan mobilize a total of 2 million reserve soldiers and the US military. In addition, he also mentioned that Penghu’s 60,000 troops are ridiculous.

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On May 25, 2017, the so-called”Han Guang 33″ exercise by the Taiwan Army held a drill in Penghu

Zhang Jing, a researcher at Taiwan’s”Chinese Strategic Society,” pointed out,”Don’t see a foreign monk, you will be so faint that you completely believe in what you are saying.” How many troops are there in Penghu? According to public information, the Taiwan Army has a total of 4 battalions in Penghu plus direct troops, the Navy has 146 fleets, etc., and the Air Force Magong Base is stationed in a combat team of the”Jinguo” fighters every summer.”There are about 8,000 troops in the island.” .

Union News said on the 13th that one of the problems in Taiwan’s society in recent years is”as soon as you see any foreigners make any remarks that are beneficial to us and think it is difficult for the mainland to conquer Taiwan, you will immediately be treated like a national teacher.” Axe’s article is an example. The expert’s understanding of Taiwan’s navy’s situation is “high”, and it’s not hard to imagine.” The article bluntly said that if you think that fantasy and self-deception can win a war, you can only describe it as stupid.

In this way, whether it is the US government that uses Taiwan as a cash machine, or the hawkish politicians who only care about addiction, or the nonsense American experts, even some Americans are still stupid in Taiwan and Thailand. It is unclear whether such an America can really be a strong backing for Taiwan? The DPP authorities have overestimated the strength and belief of the United States in supporting Taiwan and underestimated the mainland’s ability and determination to deal with the Taiwan issue. If it continues, it is not only stupid It’s also very sad. All kinds of bad results will eventually only be paid by the entire Taiwanese. (Jianli)