The grass of the Super League Suzhou area needs to be renovated, and the training ground is unobstructed, which makes the team worried

By yqqlm yqqlm

From the West Gate of Taimei Fragrant Valley Liquor, you can walk to the training ground of the Suzhou Division in more than 5 minutes on foot——Suzhou Taihu Football Sports Center. The natural grass of Taihu Football Sports Center has reached the national first-class standard, and the artificial grass has reached one star recommended by FIFA. In addition, the beautiful environment, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, is very popular with the team. Before this, it has been the training base of Suzhou Soochow. The national football team, women’s national team, men’s U23 national team and Shanghai Shenhua have all held training here.

In order to welcome the arrival of the Super League team, a”CSL” trimmed with green plants was placed at the base of the base And the Super League logo. Inside the stadium, the supporting project of the Super League team training is also in full swing. On each side of the stadium, several workers are building log cabins. It is reported that the original intention of these rooms is to meet the needs of players to change clothes. The materials used for construction are imported wood, and the cost of each room is about 10,000 yuan. Due to the continuous rain and rain in the past few days, the construction period was a bit tight, and the construction party also tried to ensure that the room had no odor when the team arrived.

Compared with such facilities as cabins, each club is more concerned about the lawn conditions at the base. Due to the recent weather in Suzhou, the quality of the lawn in the base still needs to be renovated. When the reporter visited, there were turf conservators who compacted the lawn. Several responsible persons discussed how to improve the turf problem as soon as possible. It should be noted that one of the training grounds provided to the eight teams this time is an artificial grass field, which will become a special case.

In addition to the hardware conditions of the venue, there is another thing that caught the reporter’s attention. In the western part of the base, the distance between the six training grounds is quite close, and there is almost no obstruction between the four training grounds. The training situation of the other teams can be seen through the barbed wire. In addition, the workers at the base recently set up a three-meter high platform near each site. The workers described this as a facility for shooting. And from the two-storey high platform to see the training situation of the next venue is more clear, how to ensure that the team training is not leaked, can not rely on”gentleman agreement”.