The handover ceremony of the first batch of anti-epidemic materials for the Chinese government in Pakistan

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DFFSz7uJX89RtVbdSjik2fO7CCdjLw - The handover ceremony of the first batch of anti-epidemic materials for the Chinese government in Pakistan

People Brasilia July 2 News (Reporter Fan Jianqing) On July 2, the Chinese government’s assistance to Brazil’s first batch of anti-epidemic materials online handover ceremony was held in Brasilia. The Vice President of Brazil represented Ambassador Nascimento, the Foreign Minister’s representative, the Director of the Brazilian Cooperation Agency, Ambassador Pereira, the Minister of Health’s representative, the Director of the International Division, Verneck, the Federal House of Representatives President of the Baroque Front, and the Deputy Government Leader of the House of Representatives. Representative Mello, the coordinator of the National Committee for Response to the New Crown Virus Crisis, attended and delivered a speech.

Yang Wanming, Chinese ambassador to Brazil, said in his speech that since the outbreak of the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic, China and Brazil have watched each other and cooperated closely. After the outbreak in Brazil, China took the lead in giving aid. The first batch of more than 2 tons of aid materials provided by the Chinese government to the Pakistani government included a large number of medical supplies such as protective clothing, medical masks, eye masks, gloves, shoe covers and thermometers. The second batch of aid materials from the Chinese government has also been shipped. It is hoped that it will be used to support the fight against the epidemic of Indian indigenous people in the Amazon region of Brazil.

Ambassador Yang pointed out that more than 20 Chinese provinces and cities and more than 30 enterprises have donated or are about to donate medical supplies, including ventilator, CT, protective clothing, testing reagents, to more than 30 cities in Pakistan Hospital beds, etc., with a total value of more than R$ 40 million. China has organized more than 10 online exchanges between the medical teams of both sides, and assisted Pakistan in purchasing hundreds of tons of medical equipment in China. A number of biopharmaceutical institutions in both countries are stepping up cooperation in vaccine research and development.

Ambassador Yang emphasized that this epidemic inspires us that human beings are a community of shared destiny and shared love. President Xi Jinping pointed out many times that unity and cooperation are the most powerful weapon for the international community to overcome the epidemic. China will continue to support countries and people, including Brazil, to overcome the epidemic as soon as possible by providing anti-epidemic assistance, sharing diagnosis and treatment experience, assisting in procurement, and developing vaccine research and development cooperation. At the same time, China is willing to plan cooperation with Pakistan in various fields after the epidemic to jointly achieve economic recovery and improvement of people’s livelihood, and contribute to building a community of human health and health.

On behalf of the Pakistani government, parliament and people, Pakistani officials sincerely thank the Chinese government, enterprises and civil society for their valuable assistance, and said that while Pakistan is facing severe challenges from the epidemic, China has provided many times to Pakistan. A large amount of anti-epidemic materials, selflessly sharing prevention and control and diagnosis and treatment experience, assisting Pakistan to purchase a large number of medical supplies. These kind deeds demonstrate the deep friendship of the Chinese people to the Brazilian people and the firm belief of the two countries in overcoming the difficulties, which is very important for Pakistan to fight the epidemic. China is a great country and a comprehensive strategic partner of Pakistan. The Pakistani government and all walks of life admire China’s tremendous achievements in coordinating epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development, appreciate China’s positive contributions to supporting the international community’s fight against epidemics, cherish Pakistan-China friendship and cooperation, and will continue to work together with China to unite and fight closely During and after the epidemic, bilateral cooperation in various fields will intensify cooperation in vaccine research and development, better respond to public health security crises, and jointly boost the economy, improve people’s livelihood, and benefit the people of both countries.

The ceremony broadcast a special short film that introduced China’s support for Brazil’s anti-epidemic, and vividly showed the moving scene of China and Pakistan’s mutual help and unity against the epidemic. Pakistani National Television, Universal Television, Record Television, SBT Television, CNN Brazil Channel,”Sao Paulo Page”,”Universal News” and Xinhua News Agency, People’s Daily, CCTV, International Radio, Wen Wei Po, China News Service, Phoenix Satellite TV, etc. More than 20 mainstream media from China and Pakistan reported on the event. A large number of Brazilian people watched the live broadcast of the ceremony online, and they all left messages expressing their gratitude to China for sending charcoal in the snow and praising the friendly friendship between the brothers of Pakistan and China.