The immunization rate of Russian residents rose to 26%

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On the 15th local time, Popova, head of the Russian Federation’s Consumer Rights Protection and Public Welfare Supervision Office and chief epidemic prevention division, introduced that there are currently 23 in Russia The region is conducting large-scale antibody testing research, and the immunization rate of the entire Russian population has reached 26%, among which the group with the highest immunization index is children under 6 years old, accounting for about 42%of the people tested. On the same day, the deputy mayor of Moscow, Lakova, said that from the 16th, Moscow will increase the daily free antibody detection by 50%. The enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay can detect the presence of antibody IgM in patients’ blood (infection< span class="entity-word" data-gid="10504912">Coronavirus mark) and IgG (a mark of immunity against coronavirus infection). Since May, some cities in Russia have started large-scale antibody testing among the public, and Moscow residents can open it to all citizens who wish to do so by appointment. Russian experts believe that antibody testing will help experts assess the rehabilitation of New Coronavirus infected people’s immune system, and the scope of future new crown vaccines Wait.