The Japanese ambassador to China is about to leave, the new ambassador to China is”China Connect”

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The Japanese News Agency quoted several government sources on the 15th that the Japanese government plans to use the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as the new ambassador to China, replacing the current ambassador to China Yokoi Yu for more than 4 years. According to reports, as a”chiwa school”, Tyuho is regarded as a powerful diplomat in Japan.

According to information, Chuxiufu is 59 years old and entered in 1985 After working in Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, he received training in the handling of Chinese and relations with China in a Chinese training group called the “China Class” of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In 1986, he went to Nanjing University to study as an alternate diplomat. Three years later, he served as the second secretary at the Japanese Embassy in China. Since then, he has served as the first secretary of the Japanese Embassy in China and the post of Minister in China. In addition to his experience in mainland China, Takumi has also served as the consul of the Japanese Consulate General in Hong Kong and the General Manager of the Taiwan Exchange Association of Japan.

Last year, Guan Zhaoyu, an associate researcher at Chongyang Institute of Finance at Renmin University of China, told Global Times on the 15th:”He graduated from the Faculty of Law of Kyoto University and studied under Japan. The famous realist master Gao Banzhengyao. My impression is that he has very rich diplomatic experience and is an excellent expert on international issues.”

On the 13th, US Secretary of State Pompeo issued a statement to disturb South China Sea Affairs. The Chief Cabinet Secretary of Japan, Suga Yoshihide and Japanese Foreign Minister Toshiaki Mogi both expressed their support for the US dialect on the 14th. The recent series of Japanese remarks on the South China Sea, Hong Kong and other issues have aroused external concern about the prospects of Japan-China relations.

Under such a background, Japanese public opinion pays high attention to the use of Tachifu as the new ambassador to China. Japanese media believe that if Chuo Hideo serves as an ambassador to China, it means that two consecutive Japanese ambassadors to China are from the”Zhihua School.” The use of Tachi Hideo shows that the Japanese government intends to improve some of the contradictions and differences between China and China, and is committed to improving bilateral relations. However, there are also views that Tcho Hideo is one of the few hard-line diplomats in China in the”China Class”. Abe The government’s personnel arrangements this time be surprised.

Guan Zhaoyu believes that although this is the second time since the Abe government came to power,”China Connect” has been appointed as the ambassador to China, but it may not be to show good things to China, because Abe in his book”Beautiful Japan” China has expressed its dissatisfaction with the”China Connect”. What Abe may value is the”realism” label on Tyu Hideo. Therefore, Japan’s strategic direction to China in the future still deserves further attention.

(Global Times)