The kid who surpassed a book of 45 points but chose to jump off

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Yesterday morning, the circle of friends saw the incident of a candidate from a prestigious school jumping off a building, and I was very sad.

Suddenly remembered Trudeau resting on the shore of Lake Saranac in northeastern New York The doctor’s epitaph——

To Cure Sometimes, To Relieve Often, To Comfort Always.

Help, always comfort.

I think the same is true for life, always working hard, often adjusting, and sometimes bearish.

This kind of life may be more resilient.

After crying all night, TA jumped down…

When I woke up for breakfast in the morning, I saw a message from my friend in the circle:

The message showed this Candidates from prestigious schools scored 389 in the college entrance examination, and 344 in the first line of geography. Their parents expected a score of 400 and were not satisfied.

The short three lines of words are a human tragedy.

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Can think of No parents are willing to force their children to move in this direction and result. Their original intention is mostly to hope that their children will be admitted to prestigious schools and have a better future.

The saddest thing at the moment is the parents…They are experiencing the cruelest punishment in their lives.

Psychologically, suicide or self-harm is mostly derived from revenge, and punish others by punishing oneself.

There are messages blaming the parents in the comments, but they are more expressing sadness.

In recent years, tiaolou self-sa incidents of students/candidates of all ages have been reported frequently. The first half of this year is even more prominent.

Many first-tier cities studied at home because of the epidemic in the first half of the year, and took study exams after returning to school in the middle of the year. Various unstoppable situations began to appear.

In May and June, the news that appeared most among the parent groups was the reposting of news reports from various places where the pressure of Tiao Lou Zisa after returning to school was overwhelming. It was shocking!

Under various pressures, the local education department even issued”red head” files that were not allowed to be ranked to not allowed to take examinations, so that these children could be rescued in time.

However, the multi-plank bridge college entrance examination is inevitable. The historic delay was one month until the college entrance examination scores were available for the first two days.

Everyone enters a subtle and cautious mood.

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Parents Children are the deepest bond in the world

A few years ago, in an article”My scumbag child is here to repay gratitude”, a scumbag Parents look at their children’s daily life with full of appreciation and equality, and her confidence and expectation for the future of”scumbag” children have moved countless parents.

I believe that it is a very natural and simple wish for parents to hope that their children will become parents. A bright future will give people hope for life.

And the author of the above also had this expectation at first, but when she found that reality is not as good as her imagination, she also aware that most of herself and society Like parents, the phenomenon of”kidnapping” their life wishes on their children.

She accepts the facts, respects the child’s life will as an independent individual, and uses a positive and positive perspective to discover the other side of life.

So she found that the scumbag son could not go to a prestigious school, and maybe an ordinary person would work in the future, but a kind child is the greatest gift that life gives her.

The reason why a positive thing is widely spread is mostly because the protagonist has done it. In reality, most people want to do it by themselves, but they have not done it. Thing.

Most parents are still stuck in the quagmire of anticipation.

In the two days of the college entrance examination, the most news in the news was that parents from all over the country burned incense and worshipped Buddha openly and secretly. The group forwarded the blessing of the Ksitigarbha, and the school gate wears a cheongsam to pick up sugar cane. The meaning of”victory” and”overwhelming sugarcane”……

Pity the parents of the world!

In the two days of the college entrance examination each year, the people of the whole society will become extremely friendly, and the traffic will be smooth, and the noise during the day and night will be paid special attention.

Even Uncle Urban Management saw someone handing out a recurring class leaflet at the school gate, and he could get likes even if he yelled directly:

People’s parents Pan’er high school, you come to send repeat classes?

After receiving a call from his daughter to report the results of the score check, a brother in Beijing knew that the test was completed, but couldn’t help crying after simply hanging up the phone. The passengers accidentally photographed it and uploaded it to the Internet. Netizens were also moved.

Everyone responds with the greatest kindness and understanding to the candidates’ families, probably because everyone understands that this is one of the few people that can change their lives Important opportunity.

Our kind and silent support to candidates’ families is not just a kind of human goodness, but more of our To express the desire and cherish for life-changing opportunities.

When we have faced such an opportunity before, but did not make good use of and cherish it. Supporting others at this time is a kind of compensation for us in the past.

As parents, expecting their children to realize some of their expectations for the future, and asking children to be more blue than blue is almost a spontaneous thought.

It is not only derived from the original driving force of human reproduction, but also a manifestation of love:Love for you is just for you. I think The best in the world. For example, a better future and life than me.

This desire to love and give is the courage and belief of many parents who gritted their teeth time and time again in the ocean of life, and gradually It has become an unbearable lightness for many of them.

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put Love a living road

From Family system arrangementFrom a theoretical point of view, it is believed that in a family, those potential and unresolved problems will eventually concentrate on a certain person in the family.

Usually the most vulnerable person in the family. For example, he showed obvious depression, anxiety, mania, and various out of control behaviors.

But from the perspective of the family system, this person actually bears the pain of the entire family (or even the family), all the negative energy All flowed to TA.

Many parents don’t know about the pressures that they cannot bear (for example, the uncertainty of their children’s future, or even their own efforts to educate and cultivate”Failure” etc.), it is often easy to transfer to the weakest person in the family, so the child bears all this.

Milan Kundera’s”The Unbearable Lightness of Life” tells us that There are so many things in life that seem as light as a feather, but (Heavy) is unbearable.

From the bottom of my heart, I am willing to believe that the vast majority of parents in this world have never thought about how to actively harm their children.

It’s just that both human nature and life are too complicated, so people live one life and learn one life, whether it’s learning how to be a parent or how to be a child, more Including how to be yourself.

In the news these days, the college entrance examination and voluntary reporting are mostly discussed. Regarding this aspect, I appreciate two views from Professor Lin Jingxin of Zhongda University:

If our children are not good at studying or taking exams at the moment, we don’t need to be overly harsh, and we can’t believe that they are born unsuitable for reading. What we need to do is to assist children in finding the joy of learning and learning. Have continuous habits.

Because the law of learning is that the more you read, the faster you understand.

When a child is admitted to college, the life path of TA is not already limited by the level of the school, but is infinitely broadened with the display of self-wisdom.

If the school level is high, encourage children to love what they learn, and a strong learning atmosphere can stimulate students’ sense of improvement; if the school level is not high, encourage children to work hard Strong, so it’s easier to be appreciated by the Master.

If you neither enter a prestigious school nor lack a famous teacher, then cultivate your child to be friendly and cheerful, so that he at least reaps sincere friendship——

A person is the sum of a bunch of social relationships. The average of the income, social status, education, etc. of the six closest friends of a person is you.

If you also have children who are going through the college entrance examination or are about to take the college entrance examination, I hope the above paragraph will also help you.

I feel distressed for the child mentioned at the beginning of the article, because I always hope that if he can think of seeking other help, even if he asks someone to talk to him, it may be a tragedy. It won’t happen…

I remembered the epitaph of Dr. Trudeau——

To Cure Sometimes, To Relieve Often, To Comfort Always.

Sometimes heal, often help, always comfort.

The same is true for life. Always work hard, often adjust, and sometimes bearish.

This kind of life should be more resilient and possible.

May the dead rest in peace and the living will mourn.