The least believing American governor, positive

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Source:Global Times New Media

15th local time, United States Okla Homer Governor Kevin Stiet said at a press conference that his New Crown Virus test results Positive. According to US media, Stitt is believed to be the first governor of the United States to be infected with the new coronavirus.

Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stilter

Steet said he currently feels”very good”, like”slightly cold””Initial symptoms”, he said that he did not know where, when and how he was infected.

The New York Times reported that Stitt has participated in many public events and often does not wear masks in public, including the one held for President Trump in Tulsa, the state, last month. Indoor campaign rally. Tulsa city health officials said last week that the surge in cases in the city is likely related to the presidential election rally.

As a Republican, Stitt said that after learning of his diagnosis, he would not question his attitude towards the new crown virus. Still still refuses to issue a statewide mask injunction. Some commentators said that he is the toughest governor in the United States to deal with the new coronavirus.

In the past week, Oklahoma has averaged more than 640 new cases per day. On the 15th, the state set a record of 1,075 new cases in a single day.

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