The Liga League is basically determined to start in mid-August. The third-tier cities will take over this season.

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Source:Ji Net

A few days ago, the Chinese Football Association officially announced the new season Chinese Super League schedule. The first stage of the Super League this season will begin on July 25 and end on September 28. Many fans are asking, the schedule of the Chinese Super League has been determined, then as a sub-level league of the Chinese Super League, when will Chinese League A be Start kicking?

According to China Jilin.com, one of the key tasks of the Chinese Football Association this week is to improve the application for the opening of the Chinese Football League as soon as possible. At present, the work has made substantial progress, and the Chinese Football Association will officially submit the application report of the Chinese League to the State Sports General Administration by next Wednesday. If all goes well, there will be a high probability that the Ligue 1 will start in mid-August this year. Even some optimists estimate that the information on the start of the Chinese League will be officially announced in the next 7 working days.

Previously, there have been rumors that the tentative date for the start of the new season of the Chinese Ligue 1 is August 9. From the current situation, this date is not groundless.

Furthermore, where and how to play in the Ligue 1 in the new season is a topic that fans are very concerned about. At present, it is certain that the competition system of the Chinese Premier League will be the same as that of the Chinese Super League. There will be 18 teams participating in the Ligue 1 in the new season. The number of participating teams is the most in the history of the Ligue 1 league. Earlier, the Chinese Football Association had considered to play in the Ligue 1 in Suzhou and Dalian, but it is very regrettable that because the previous application for the restart of the Super League failed, the relevant departments have given relevant suggestions, that is, the venue of the Super League. Try not to put it in the first-tier cities. So far, under the idea of ​​“preserving the Chinese Super League”, the two divisions, Suzhou and Dalian, had to be temporarily transferred to the “Chinese Super League”. In the past week, the Chinese Football Association has sent inspection teams to some cities for inspections. Today, some cities such as Meizhou and Qinhuangdao have entered the inspection career of the Chinese Football Association. Regardless of the future city in which the Chinese League A will be played, one thing is certain. With reference to the previous experience of restarting the Chinese Super League, the future Chinese League A will definitely be played in the domestic third-tier or second-tier or third-tier cities.

China Jilin Net Ji Ke APP reporter Yu Yang