The Macron and his wife walked in the park near the official residence, and a group of protesters surrounded them and shouted “step down”

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According to the British”Daily Mail” reported on July 15th, on July 14th local time, French President Macron accompanied his wife Brigitte in Elysée Palace While walking in a park nearby, encountered a security threat, and a group of anti-government protesters suddenly surrounded them and shouted angrily at his “step down”.

In the afternoon of the 14th, when 42-year-old Macron and 67 A wife of 12 years old walked hand in hand at the Tuileries Garden near the Elysee Palace where they lived, a group of anti-government protesters approached them and chanted”Macron stepped down” in unison.

France is on that daylegal holiday“Bastille Day”, Macron also accompanied his wife near the official residence Walk and relax in the park. Anti-government protesters did not stop on this day, but approached the president directly and expressed their dissatisfaction.

This disturbing process has been put in multiple Live broadcast on social media. In the picture, when the protesters approached the Macron and his wife, they made a boo and scold. When the security guards of the president’s couple tried to quell the situation, Macron in a black leather jacket walked to the protesters, said”Happy July 14th”, and then tried to push the protesters away.

Macron said to the protesters”Keep calm, don’t There will be any problems”. He also told the protesters that”today is a public holiday, I will go for a walk with his wife”, and said that the protesters are not”respectable models”, suggesting that he is.

Afterwards, one of the men said to Macron:”Mr. President, I am older than you. You are my employee, Mr. President. We respect each other and I did not show disrespect to you, at least today No. Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you, I don’t even want to. I will hurt you with my ballot in 2022.”

He subsequently stated that Macron would be”fired” and also called for the dissolution of the police motorcycle team established by the French government last year to deal with rioters. Macron countered this by saying,”This is not the President of the Republic!” and told these protesters not to shout, saying they should turn this complaint to the new interior minister.

Reports that no one was arrested during the confrontation of the day, and the Macron and his wife also walked safely back to the official residence under the protection of security personnel.