The Milan Procuratorate announced that it will launch a criminal investigation into the government and WHO

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  European Union, July 15th, according to the European Union News Agency, July 14, local time, ItalyMilan The Public Prosecutor’s Office informed the media that it had established a special investigation on the 13th based on the public prosecution filed by the Italian Consumer Association Team to conduct an open investigation of Italian authorities and the World Health Organization (WHO). To determine whether the Italian authorities and the World Health Organization constitute criminal liability for Italian new coronavirus victims.

Carlo Rienz, President of the Italian Consumers Association.

   According to reports, in April this year, the Italian Consumers Association filed a lawsuit against the Milan Prosecutor’s Office, alleging World Health Organization< /span> There are errors in management, delayed epidemic notification when handling the new crown epidemic. The Italian Consumers Association believes that WHO has an obligation and responsibility to provide accurate, timely and independent information, and makes important recommendations to public health agencies in various countries.

  The Italian Consumers’ Association stated that since the outbreak of New Crown Virus, WHO has communicated that it is more dangerous As well as wrong suggestions, inconsistencies and continuous correction of relevant epidemic information notifications, and even some suggestions are opposite public health safety reminders, and WHO underestimated the risks and harms caused by the new coronavirus epidemic.

  The Italian Consumers Association believes that the fault of WHO has caused many Italians to lose their lives due to the epidemic and caused huge economic losses to countries all over the world.

  In the prosecution of the Italian Consumer Association, it also filed a lawsuit against the Italian government and health authorities, alleging that the Italian health authorities had many protest decision-making mistakes, resulting in a serious lack of medical resources, worsening the epidemic and innocent people’s lives. The relevant responsible persons of WHO and the Italian authorities are required to bear criminal responsibility for the victims of Italy’s new crown epidemic.

  The President of the Italian Consumer Association Carlo Rienzi said that the Milan prosecutor has started to investigate and determine the role of the Italian authorities and WHO in the outbreak, if there is negligence and Mistakes or other violations of the law have exacerbated the spread of the epidemic, and we will ask the judiciary to pursue responsibility according to law. (Lin Zhuqing)