The Ministry of Foreign Affairs responds to the UK’s suspension of Huawei 5G:China’s investment in the UK is more threatened

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On the evening of July 14, Beijing time, according to foreign media reports, the British Minister of Culture Oliver Dowden (Oliver Dowden) announced that the United Kingdom has decided to stop using Huawei equipment in 5G construction. Doden said that the British government will stop buying new Huawei equipment from December 31, 2020. In addition, Huawei equipment currently used in the UK 5G network must be removed by 2027.

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Photo of Xinhua News Agency, a staff member walks past the Huawei 5G Innovation Experience Center in London, England.

For this, on July 15, a spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Hua Chunying responded that the British side did not Under the condition of any conclusive evidence, under the pretext of unneeded risks, to cooperate with the United States to discriminate and exclude Chinese companies repeatedly, blatantly violate market economic principles and free trade rules, violate the relevant commitments made by the British side, and seriously damage the legitimate interests of Chinese companies. The Chinese side strongly opposes the foundation of mutual trust that impacts Sino-British cooperation.

Hua Chunying pointed out that this is not a problem of an enterprise or an industry, but a problem that the British side highly politicizes business and technology issues at any cost, and it is a more obvious threat to the safety of Chinese investment in the UK The question is our confidence in whether the UK market can remain open, fair and non-discriminatory.

Hua Chunying emphasized that China is seriously concerned about this. China will fully and seriously evaluate this incident and take all necessary measures to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese enterprises.

It is reported that the 4G infrastructure of the UK’s mainstream operators BT and Vodafone relies heavily on Huawei equipment. If the government continues to promote the ban on Huawei, the two companies will need to be on about 19,000 mobile phone signal towers. Strip Huawei equipment. The British network service provider Vodafone assesses that if Huawei is disabled, the UK will lose its leading position in the development of 5G, and that disabling Huawei will cost hundreds of millions of pounds. The UK’s 5G development is currently ranked sixth in the world, second in Europe, and second only to Switzerland.

Regarding the UK’s plan to remove Huawei equipment, Huawei British spokesman Edward Brewster responded:Unfortunately, Huawei’s future development in the UK is politicized. This move stems from US trade policy, not security issues. This decision is bad news for all mobile phone users in the UK. This may cause the UK to fall into the slow lane of digital development, increase consumer spending on communications, and deepen the digital divide.”This move will not only”enhance”, but will reduce the level of development in the United Kingdom. We urge the government to reconsider this decision.”

Writing:Nandu reporter Kong Xueshao