The most attractive age of a woman

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I think a woman has her unique beauty at any age, ignorant and innocent at the age of twenty, tenacity and perseverance at the age of thirty, tranquility and serenity at the age of forty, calmness and elegance at the age of fifty, If you have to say the most beautiful age of a woman, I think it must be fifty years old.

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I am a fifty-year-old woman, many people tell me with eyes,”You are old”, but I don’t feel myself Older, on the contrary, I feel that fifty years old is my most chic and free time. When I am completely bathed in sunlight, I truly feel the beauty of life and the happiness of life.

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A fifty-year-old woman, although she says that her youth is dying, is still as bright as a blooming rose, in appearance and figure The fifty-year-old woman is not much different from the forty-year-old woman, but she has a little more tenderness and femininity.

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The fifty-year-old woman must have experienced the vicissitudes and ups and downs of life. She once wandered because of helplessness and was sad because she was helpless. Those who come out of the darkness must know how to cherish and enjoy the sun. So a woman who accepts the impermanence of life and loves life, their charm is endless.

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A fifty-year-old woman must never panic in her heart, because she has seen calm winds and calm minds after seeing big winds and waves. It looks so calm and elegant, giving a very down-to-earth feeling, which may be the man’s favorite feminine taste.

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In fact, as a woman is a very hard life, chatter and complaints are not the fault of a woman, although you can’t blame, but it makes People feel annoyance and bitterness in life, but in front of the fifty years old, maybe you will only feel the beauty of life, so I think the fifty-year-old woman is the most beautiful.

I am Kun Kun, thank you for reading.

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