The most beautiful age of a woman

By yqqlm yqqlm

Every woman wants her life to be beautiful. At that time, in addition to her face, the most important factor affecting the beauty of a woman was the charm of women. Some women were not beautiful, but they were radiant, and some women Suddenly it will make people feel”open”, which is the most attractive age for women.

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Twenty-year-old women used to feel that they were shy and subtle, but after more contact, I realized that this was not the case. They were bold and unrestrained and emotionally like a wild horse. Except for the person she likes, no one can actually control it.

Thirty-year-old woman, I thought they learned to be strong, able to brave the wind and rain, and bravely go through the wind and rain, but later I discovered that in fact, a thirty-year-old woman is stubborn like a head The donkey, her thoughts and decisions, can’t be changed by almost anyone, and sometimes their waywardness makes everyone speechless.

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Forty Year-old woman, I once saw their serenity and elegance, as beautiful as a painting. In fact, under this beautiful package, there is a helpless soul hidden in it, and the struggle for reality is already weak, just quiet Down, waiting for the unexpected and sudden of the life belt, calmly standing by the window watching the wind and rain.

I think the most beautiful age of a woman is already fifty years old. After all the joys and dissatisfaction of life, it will become really calm and calm. Fifty-year-old women are often the easiest to coax because they Knowing that some things can only be cherished, because it is not always there, so even if it is hypocritical, they will follow the scene, not because of vanity, but they will recall the past in a warm moment.

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I think the most beautiful thing is the single woman at the age of fifty, because they have experienced the big winds and waves of life. After calming down, it is like a seagull flying freely by the sea under the blue space. Just stay in memory forever.

I am Yan Yao, thank you for reading.

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