The mysterious signal in the depths of the universe hit”three consecutive flashes” towards the earth, which happened to be received by my country’s sky eye

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Chinese Sky Eye made another contribution, capturing a rare rapid radio storm signal from the universe about ten billion years ago, It flashes three times in a row. Although the source is unknown, the energy released is extremely amazing, and it has great research value for scientists.

What is a rapid radio storm?

Simply put, short bursts of sudden energy bursts in the universe, they last for a very short time, generally only a few milliseconds, but even the energy released by the sun in a day , Not enough to compare. Speaking of which, scientists’ research on rapid radio storms is nothing more than a decade ago.

Since the end of the last century, scientists have discovered radio wave bursts in the universe for the first time. They all came from the far depths of the universe. By consulting the data, scientists found that in fact, there were Similar phenomena have been captured. However, neither the cause nor the source has an answer.

Through extensive data research, scientists believe that rapid radio bursts should be related to supernova explosions or the birth of stars. Of course, there are also views that may be unknown extraterrestrial civilizations on the other end of the distant universe, Send a signal to find a companion, because many of them are repeated.

Repetitive signal 3 billion light years away

In 2015, scientists formally tracked these mysterious and rapid radio storms in the universe. Among them, Russian rich Milner, who is extremely interested in such cosmic phenomena, also sponsored the US”Breakthrough Listening” project, hoping to pass these Fast radio storms to find extraterrestrial civilizations.

China Tianyan launched the extraterrestrial civilization search plan

As China Tianyan discovered the news of a new rapid radio storm, there was another good news coming together. In September this year, accompanied by China Tianyan’s equipment Upgrade, the extraterrestrial civilization search plan will also be officially launched, will capture more secret rapid radio storms in the universe, and trace their sources, in order to find possible extraterrestrial civilizations in the vast universe.

Scientists say that human understanding of rapid radio storms, It is a process from scratch. Only by capturing more rapid radio bursts can we better understand their origins, and at the same time, we can give us a new understanding of the universe and help human beings develop and develop better. Progress, let us wait and see!