The “mysterious” world underground in Xinjiang has discovered the oldest forest, 371 million years ago

By yqqlm yqqlm

People who like to visit museums may know that many museums have animal fossils, such as the dinosaur fossils we often hear, which are generally generated after the petrification of bones. Since animals can be petrified, so can plants. Some ancient plant fossils are often found in the Junggar Basin in Xinjiang, my country.

This specific location where fossils are often found is in the Junggar Basin Tacheng area. Scientists identified these plant fossils and were surprised to find that they all belonged to the same forest. At first, these fossils were buried in the ground. Later, due to the development of the land, these plant fossils were discovered by everyone. How do scientists tell if these fossils belong to the same forest?

According to experts from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the stratification of vegetation is It is a key to judge whether Sinofossil is the same forest. The so-called vegetation layering simply means that different layers have different vegetations. If the vegetation layer of each fossil is the same, then it can be judged that they were in the same forest. This stratification standard was also discovered by researchers from the Tacheng area of ​​the Junggar Basin in Xinjiang. With reference to these standards, it can be determined whether they belong to the same area.

China has a vast territory and diverse forests. I want to find it The oldest forest is very difficult. Since the earth has evolved over a long period of time, the landform has undergone very great changes. No one knows under which land there will be hidden ancient plant fossils, but after discovering these plant fossils in the Tacheng area, experts initially Judging that there should be relatively old forests here.

With this idea, experts led some teams to To this area. After continuous in-depth exploration, it is found that the flora here is indeed the oldest forest found in my country. And its formation date can be traced back to 371 million years ago. It is more than 10 million years earlier than the ancient forests detected by scientists before this, directly setting the record of the oldest forest in my country.

The discovery of this forest has a very important history for China significance. By studying this ancient forest, a large amount of data can be obtained from it. As a result, you can learn more about ancient plants. Do you have any views on this? Please leave a message in the comment area and write your opinion.

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