The national football team ranks first in the world.

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“Football Association’s Oolong”


As long as you are in a dream, anything can happen. Sometimes not in a dream, it can happen.

Yesterday, a fan boarded the official website of the Guangdong Football Association and found that the Chinese team actually ranked first in the world. Brazil, Portugal, Argentina, Belgium, etc. are close behind. At the end of the list, there is also a Chinese team whose world ranking is 68th.

If you regard the 68th place as a real ranking, then this The ranking should be February 2018, when the world first was the German team. The Guangdong Football Association not only misrepresented Germany as China, but also did not change the ranking table for more than two years. According to the latest FIFA ranking, the top three in the world are Belgium, France and Brazil, and the Chinese team ranks 76th.

In addition, the Guangdong Football Association official website also has links to various Chinese Super League clubs. Tianjin Quanjian has not been renamed. Clicking the link above is already 404. Changchun Yatai and Guizhou Hengfeng are still there. The latest news about Guangdong football is”Meizhou team won the fifth place in the Provincial Games Women’s Football Group A”, updated on August 10, 2018. Not to mention campus football, primary school football information stayed in 2015 and middle school football stayed in 2016.

However, a series of short videos from the Guangdong Football Association teach How do you pull the ball horizontally, how to pick your toes, etc., this year will be regularly updated. During the epidemic, the Guangdong Football Association also launched a home fitness public welfare course around football, all of which are uploaded on the official website. After the course update, the Guangdong Football Association also quoted a report from the”Yangcheng Evening News” called”The Guangdong Football Association’s Public Welfare Football Video Course is Popular”.

Of course, click to view now, Oolong’s world rankings have finally been changed for a long time, and the relevant links of the clubs such as the Chinese Super League, Chinese A, Chinese B have been cleared.


It’s not surprising that the Football Association has put its own oolong. It’s not limited to the Guangdong Football Association.

Last year the national football team lost to Syria. When the Chinese Football Association apologized on Weibo, it wrote,”The performance of the Chinese men’s football team is unsatisfactory, which disappoints the majority of fans. The Chinese Football Association apologizes for this!” The misuse of”was selected as the top ten language errors in 2019 by the editorial department of”Bite Words”.

It’s more than that, in a red-headed document on the rules of the new season’s football competition, the Chinese Football Association wrote the implementation date of the new rules as June 31, which is probably only available here, in June. 31 days. In addition, in the Chinese Super League opening game copy, the Chinese Football Association also wrote the”snack warfare” of our country’s epidemic prevention and control. Netizens commented that the Chinese Football Association, as always, was unsatisfactory.

The Oolong of the Guangdong Football Association, previously on the official website of the Chinese Football Association It also happened. Last season, the Women’s Super League started for some time. The news on the official website of the Chinese Football Association is still at the Women’s World Cup, and there is no follow-up report. Wang Shuang, who has returned to Wuhan Jiang University to participate in 6 rounds of competitions, is still affiliated with Paris on the official website.

Earlier in the 2011 season, fans accidentally discovered that the two teams that have been relegated still belong to the Chinese Super League when browsing the official website of the Chinese Football Association, but Guangzhou Evergrande and Chengdu Xie Feilian, who successfully rushed to the Super League, are not among them. . The corresponding list of China’s first division has not been adjusted. The staff of the Chinese Football Association’s Information Department later responded to this. This is indeed the list of last season and was not updated in time.


Two hours after the Wulong ranking was reported, the official website of the Guangdong Football Association has not been changed. Some netizens joked that it seems that this has not been transmitted to Douyin or Weibo, and the staff has not seen it. This somewhat confirms the height of the temple of the Football Association and the information is seriously lagging behind.

And such an obvious mistake can actually be hung on the official website for two years, until the fans have no intention of discovering it, and they will not change it until the media starts reporting. Explain that for a long time, the Football Association has stayed in its own discourse system, planning for important and minor things. As for what is important, it can be seen from the update on the official website.

The Guangdong Football Association ranks Chinese football as No. 1 in the world. This little oolong can be included in the Chinese football joke set. Seeing the big from the small, looking at the leopard through the tube, and observing the sea by litting, this little oolong is the detail of football, and the Chinese football can be better understood from the details.